UFO Friday


Nothing much this week, but at least something. Scoundrel sorted out a few things from his closet (new cargo pants for me, yay!) but was hesistant with a silly pair of boxers he didn’t wear but liked the fabric of. As his chiropractor had advised him to get one anyway I offered to make a grain heat pad out of the unmentionables. That is, a cover for it. The jeans the actual pad is made of belonged to my mother, so this is a 100% upcycling project (made entirely of pants) save for the wheat grains I used for filling.

IMG_5098This second picture shows material I’m looking forward to use up – I come home from the thrift shop with arms full of doilies regularly (I might be overplaying the sheer amount a little, but not much) and I just need something to do with them! The striped fabric is a set of Ikea bedsheets from the thrift store, too. My father has the same design (in ALL the colour ways) and I had been looking for a set of it to make into a dress for ages.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ♥


4 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. What a great idea, Ari! :) I hope that you and your loved ones have a great weekend, filled with new found treasures and priceless moments. All the best, from a Ginger in New York! MJ

  2. What great upcycling! Great work!

    I was collecting doilies for a while, then got rid of them in a destash. Tempted to start again, but I really haven’t the room at the moment!

    1. I just have a plastic bag full of them (a small one, about the size of my laptop, not garbage-bag style) stuffed next to my fabric stash, but I really need a purpose for them. ^^

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