Thrift Find of the Month 1/15

I thrift a lot, but for some reason I never shared my favourite finds here up until now. Now that I have a tripod to take outfit pictures on my own there’s no excuse anymore. So welcome to a new feature! I can’t guarantee that there will be one of these every month (it’s not that much up to me, I think, more up to the thrift stores), but chances aren’t that bad.

And here we go for January!




While this vest/bodice definitely comes from a southern German traditional clothing brand (look at the lining!) I immediately thought “city elf” and “mori kei” when I found it. The zipper renders it unfit for fantasy LARP purposes, but who am I to care. The whole thing is made of thin suede and the small ivy leaf applications are indeed padded. Plus, I really like the antler tip zipper charm.


I’m always rather cautious when it comes to traditional items – with my body type and round face I instantaneously look like a wholesome, homely farm girl in Sunday attire, and while that’s nice, most of the time it isn’t exactly what I’m aiming for (though, I say, the hair helps a lot nowadays).
The bodice also has the merit of being tight in a not uncomfortable way and supporting my back a bit like a corset. Very convenient.


  • bodice: thrifted (tag says Hofer)
  • lace blouse: Promod
  • longsleeve: H&M
  • dress: found it in a small boutique around here and removed the tags, I’m terribly sorry
  • socks and tights: H&M/Primark
  • boots: Dr. Martens

8 thoughts on “Thrift Find of the Month 1/15

  1. I love the top, definitely very elf/ faery! The outfit looks great and i love your hair! Yes, i feel that same thing with outfits, i come off too cute to pull off edgy retro. But you look fantastic in this!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to say that I really love your blog and Im glad its still going strong. :) Reading it makes me wanna live a more fairytaley life (and move to Germany; we dont have castles and old towns like that here in Norway!). May I ask which town you live in? It sounds so magical!

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