Less Plastic: Selfmade Crunchy Cereal


On my ever-ongoing quest for less plastic in my life I not-so-recently stumbled over the issue of breakfast. Cereal is great, but most of it comes in plastic. The only thing that doesn’t is plain oatmeal, and that just boring (except for porridge, but as fast as porridge might be, it still takes more time than cereal).


So I decided to make my own from scratch, with nuts and spices and such. One’s with cocoa and leftover coconut flakes, the other with hazelnut brittle and walnut.


And here’s how you do it:
For 500g big oat flakes melt 6 tbsp. honey or syrup or molasses in a pan. Add 8 tbsp. oil and mix.
Mix your flakes with nuts and dried fruit and what ever spices you want in there in a bowl and pour it into the honey-oil mix. Stirr well until all oat flakes are covered.
Spread the mix on a baking sheet and bake on low temperature (about 100-150°C) until dry and crunchy.
Let cool, break, and put into jars.


This will surely not be the last time for me to do this. It tastes great with goat milk, and it’s so easy to make! Be sure to check on the baking part rather often, rolled oats burn rather quickly.


6 thoughts on “Less Plastic: Selfmade Crunchy Cereal

  1. I can’t wait to try this out. That looks plenty tasty. Thank you so much, for sharing your creativity and genius. Your blog rocks, Ari! Michael James

  2. Mmh, I love this. When I’m in one of my cereal phases I make this, too. The only problem is that I tend to put far too many unhealthy ingredients in it. My favourite combination is toasted almonds, dried cranberries and white chocolate.

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