10 Things I ♥ in January


  1. Maffers’ Mandrake Pattern on Ravelry. Yet another case of me being upset that my crochet skills aren’t the best (but not upset enough to change something about it, I fear). However, this little mate – suitable for all your Hogwarts Herbology and other witchy or folkloric needs – is just too cute to go unmentioned.
  2. Nomade des Mers, Corentin de Chatelperron’s amazing catamaran project. Hailing from la Bretagne he and his fellow adventurers aspire to build a catamaran mostly from sustainable, renewable material designed to be a self-sufficient home for several years. Watching this dream grow is amazing and I’m looking forward for it to set sail. Literally. Here’s their webpage (in French) if you’d like to watch their progress, and the German post in which I first read about them.
  3. 2015. The New Year! So many possibilities and adventures lie ahead!
  4. Stand Still. Stay Silent. is a beautifully drawn webcomic by Minna Sundberg set in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. I read through the current material in one afternoon and am irrevocably in love with the story and the characters and their dynamics. Seriously, read it.
  5. Hero Forge, a builder and shop for custom 3D-printed tabletop miniatures. I’m really tempted to order my Shadowrun decker, my Pathfinder girl and more-or-less LARP character for real.
  6. Dumpster Diving. Eewww, gross? Nah, not as gross as fast food (also, there’s a thing called showering which makes the “eww” go away quite quickly). We had a particularly successful haul two weeks ago, supplying three vegetarian (read: we all use up lots of greens) households à 2 people with bread, fruit,herbs and vegetables for more than a week plus some extra to give away. If you don’t have a seasoned diver in your circle of friends and want to start, here’s a good list of Dos and Don’ts. Oh, and see that picture on top of the post? That’s the herbs we scored, drying in my window.
  7. Galavant on abc. It’s a show with knights and singing. How could I not like it? Also, King Richard is hilarious, and of course the show is tropey to no end.
  8. Outlander is a very different kind of historically inspired show in comparison to Galavant. Far more accurate, of course, and with bonny Scottish accents and beautiful clothes and guys in kilts and scenery porn and a soundtrack I could listen to all day at the moment because it fits our grey sky so well.
  9. Remember when you were a kid and befriended someone just because they had a lunchbox from the same franchise as you and everything was great? That feeling, when a situation like that unexpectedly pops up twenty years later, it’s lovely. Just as cycling somewhere with your friends, being on adventures.
  10. Goat’s Milk. Why ever didn’t I try that earlier? It’s finally real milk again, without filtered-out lactose or made from soy and hazelnuts and oats. Nothing against fibre milks, I use them for baking and porridge, but for cocoa and cereals goat milk is a far better base (as long as you’re not vegan, because then, well, no). I’m set on trying sheep next.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in January

  1. I love the Christmas lights and herbs! I definitely need someone to crochet the Mandrake for me! sustainable living is really inspiring! I have friends who have done dumpster diving, it all depends on the area and what is in the bins! Around here you wouldn’t do it, heaven knows what would be thrown in with the food, but many places in the city it would be ok. I can’t drink cow milk, I do like the idea of having a goat one day and milking it.

  2. I think it’s great that you do dumpster diving. I wouldn’t do it myself, I am too squimish for that – and frankly I too much enjoy deciding freely what I want to eat instead of eating what I find – but I agree that we have a somewhat neurotic relationship to food and food hygene. After all, if you think about the situations in slaughterhouses, even the worst garbage can be a better place to find something edible.

    1. We don’t get all our food from dumpsters, and I love shopping for groceries, too. We just started to get a weekly veggie box from an organic farm (Ökokiste) recently, which is nice too, and has a similar “random” character like saving food. This way we actually try something new once in a while. ^^

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