UFO Friday


I’ve been sick this week, so no doily-stripey dress yet, sadly. Instead I’ve been sitting in bed, boring myself to death, writing down a few imaginary customs for LARP and hand-sewing lavender sachets. The lavender’s from the garden of my mother’s friend, the fabric is an old handkerchief that was torn at one corner and not usable anymore, and the satin ribbons are leftovers.

IMG_5112Well, the sachets aren’t really unfinished anymore, so I’ll at least show you the fabric for my other small project I hope to finish this week. It’s a shrug-ish thing made from flannel. The fabric used to be part of my old curtains back when I lived in the little white house, and it’s oh!, so soft. Also, I love the colour. And I’m an unreasonably big fan of flannel.

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥


5 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. Ari, I hate to see you bored. I absolutely love to see your creations. Still, you are priceless. In all the World, there is only one of you. You should come first, second, and third. Please focus on your health. Your creative genius and infinite talent will still be there when you get better. Get well, soon! MJ

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