Unboxing Video

My lovely friend Verdinium sent me a package, so I made an unboxing video for her to see my reactions. Needless to say, I squeak a lot and say things like “that’s so cute” and “oooh, this is so pretty” over and over again.
This is my first video ever, so please excuse the crude editing and the horrible lighting. I completely forgot the small lamp right in front of me until after I was done. And now you know how my weird accent sounds, too (also, for any mistakes: I’m still no native speaker, please bear with me). ^^

I’ll take pictures of everything as soon as we get a day that isn’t as dark or a place to shoot them with artificial lighting.

By the way, that’s the shrug-like thingie from last Friday I’m wearing! It’s more of a crop top now, and it’s wonderfuly soft.


10 thoughts on “Unboxing Video

  1. How cute you are! <3
    Last time I met you, your hair was much shorter, too… I guess, it's time we meet again. :D

  2. Voll gut :) Auch, wie du dich freust *g*
    Eine Frage bleibt mir aber… Was haben Goblins als Kunstform? Noch was ausser Gewalt, Hunde schlächten und generelle Gemeinheiten? Hab das Wort leider nicht verstehen können :-/
    Ich finde die Goblins auch super, warte sehnlichst darauf, dass mal endlich “we be goblins, too!” gespielt wird. ^^

  3. First time ever I have been watching an unboxing video… well, I skipped through it, but at least I considered watching it … because it’s got you in it!
    Love to see you smile like that. Hope you will finally get well soon :)
    Still not sure if I can make it to Gingerbread Town during March, but we’ll see.
    Hugs and kisses from up North, yours truly :)

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