UFO Friday

Sometimes not everything goes as planned when I craft. Sometime I just screw up, but that can’t be helped, and that’s just the way things are.


I’ve been spending my time stencilling a pattern of mice (or rats, rodents, however) onto fabric this week. It’s supposed to end up as a skirt I actually had assembled once already, but in such a hurry that it was mere makeshift for just one day, and I knew that.


I always planned to take it apart and re-assemble it at some point, and at that point I also wanted to add a monochrome border print. My first thought was a pastoral silhouette scene, but gladly I was too lazy to go through with that (maybe some other time and project, though). The second were Banksy rats, and I had already picked some of them but wanted to start working on a sunday – all copy shops for printing were closed. Lucky obstacle no. 2.
So I ended up drawing mice silhouettes myself. Now I can add that to my skills, yay me.

Why I was lucky to be too lazy to cut out a more complex stencil or don’t have a printer of my own, you ask?
Because this fabric was obviously not made for stencil work.


I’m not perfect when it comes to stencils, but I’m no idiot, either. I use spray glue to keep the stencils at place, I dab the paint instead of brushing, and I’m overall rather careful. However, the mice all ended up being blotchy.

It’s probably no surprise that I wasn’t very thrilled. Each motif needed three coats of paint to cover up the stripes, and after I knew that they would be blobs of black either way my motivation took some days off. The additional bits of black at that mouse’s snout is one result of me being annoyed with the whole thing.


Anyway I decided to go through with it. I can cover up the worst parts at the tails with ribbons (because why not), and I now know that those heavier fabrics from Ikea aren’t the best base for paint.
Also, and I really didn’t notice before I took the pictures for this post, it’s a great skirt for an Emilie Autumn concert, should I ever attend one again.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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