Mori Media, Part I


I’ve seen more than one of these for Lolita but I can’t recall one for Mori, so here’s a list of mori-able books, films and series for you!

🐇 Miss Potter.
Film (2006).
A fantastical biopic on Beatrix Potter, creator of wonderful characters and beautiful illustrations. As someone who preferred the countryside and the quiet live there to the big city troubles she might as well be counted as a prototypical Mori girl. All of Miss Potter’s works might count as a source of Mori amusement themselves. The illustrations are inspiring and pretty, as is the depicted-on-screen life in the country.
Sadly, her ambitions as a mycologist aren’t part of the picture as well, but this might have been too much to pack into a tight space of 92 minutes.

🌱 The Secret Garden.
Book by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
There have been several adaptions, but none of them will ever beat the original for me. Mary Lennox might be insufferable at first but slowly grows into a Mori girl with the help of nature’s wonder, a robin, a cranky gardener, her shut-in cousin and – a rare example – perfect Mori boy Dickon.
Let the book (or one of the adaptions) inspire you to experiment with gardening and the healing aspects of nature and the growing life all around us, and of course the costumes in every screen version, too. Don’t be to jealous of Dickon’s menagerie of fantastic pets, though (I know I am).

🍁 Anne of Green Gables.
Books by Lucy Maud Montgomery; miniseries (1985-87).
There’s more than this one adaption, but it is my favourite, so I mention it specifically. References to Anne Shirley have been scattered around this blog since (nearly) its beginning. She has inspired me again and again to dare to dream, to allow myself to be wrapped up in my fairytale-loving mind once in a while, and of course to wear pretty pinafore dresses and striped high-collar blouses. Tomorrow is always fresh, without any mistakes in it. Let that sink in.
The book’s also available at Project Gutenberg, by the way, and apparently there’s a musical adaption, too. I’ve got to check that one out.

🐁 Brambly Hedge.
Books by Jill Barklem; Stop Motion TV specials (1996).
Oooh, Brambly Hedge. The tiny, extremely detailed cross sections of tree-stump houses. The cute clothing. The description of picnics and feasts. The fact that the entire cast are mice. How is that not wonderful? As for Mori qualification: Living in the woods? Check. One with nature? Check. Slow living? Check. Cute? Check. Also, check.
The picture at the beginning of this post is from their official website, all credit goes to them.

🌿 Pettson & Findus.
Books, by Sven Nordqvist; several adaptions.
For those who don’t know this children’s book series, it’s about a (sometimes) grumpy old farmer named Pettson and his speaking, trouser-wearing cat Findus. There are also the muckles, little beings that live in and around the farm-house, too. Pettson and Findus cherish the small adventures that happen all the time, and there’s also a year book with ideas for every month that I recommend strongly for everyone who likes gardening and being outside in general.
Also, and I just mention this in case you don’t know yet, the illustrations are the cutest. And they have a official website, too!

🌰 The Secret of Kells.
Film (2009). I already wrote a post on this film over five years ago, but it’s still on my list. Again, the artwork is just beautiful, and the overall style is very serene (except for the Viking hordes, of course).

– – –

As the post title suggests this is but the first list of, well, maybe not many, but more than one. Are there any films or books you’d recommend for Mori people that I forgot (or maybe have an opinion on one of those on the list)?


6 thoughts on “Mori Media, Part I

  1. Zu ein paar Folgen Petterson und Findus habe ich meinen Freund letztens auch verdonntert, weil er die Serie überhaupt nicht kannte. Sie ist einfach zu putzig, um sie nicht zu kennen!

    1. Ein Kommilitone hat mir neulich zwei von Nordqvist illustrierte Kinder-Geschichts-/-Archäobücher geliehen, ich bin immer hin und weg von dem Illustrationsstil.

  2. Ohhh I got a book with the mice in it! That was one of my favourite story books as a child :) I loved all the details in the pictures and the text kind of rhymed… so cute <3 Still have it somewhere, that was one of those I couldn't let go!

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