Divine Intervention & Perils of the Warp


It’s a bit late for Yule gifts by early February but that never bothered me so far. I prefer giving my gifts when I have actual inspiration to make something people in my life can use and will love than just banging out something in order to make it to a certain date.
This cushion is one of these gifts. We usually play our pen & paper RPG sessions at Weirdboi’s and we have the tradition to hit everyone who disturbs the flow of the game too long or derps around a bit too much with a cushion from the sofa, exclaiming “Perils of the Warp!”.


Let me explain that. In Warhammer 40k, one of the RPG systems played in that very room, when a psyker (read: a magically inclined human) really botches an action, there will be a roll of dice to see what happens. The warp is the chaos magic users in 40k work with, and it’s a dangerous thing. If TSHTF really really badly, something called “perils of the warp” will happen. This can be a total party kill, or the accidental summoning of a demon or whatnot. So, if you do something stupid, perils of the warp will hit you, and that’s exactly what this cushion does.


So why is there a “Divine Intervention”, too? Because 40k is not the only RPG we play. If you screw up in Pathfinder (which is more traditional high fantasy, while 40k is set in the year 40k, well, and is more of future space fantasy) the gods will probably kick your hindquarters.


And because that’s not all I needed a solution to work in four different “punishments” the phrases are written on detachable fabric rectangles, attachable with velcro. Kudos to Scoundrel for that idea!
“Biofeedback!” and “Drain!” are for the cyberpunk system Shadowrun, for deckers and magic users respectively.

Suffice to say that Weirdboi was delighted and that the cushion got its fair share of action in our Pathfinder session yestereve and fits well into the rest of his room decor now.


6 thoughts on “Divine Intervention & Perils of the Warp

  1. Hehe, so every RPG group has its own rituals. With us it is the threat of his character getting hit by cows from out of space if a player behaves too badly. Though, last time in a serious case of trolling the other players came up with a really interesting ingame punishment. It was awesome.

  2. Dearest Ari,

    a psyker is NOT a magically inclined human.
    A psyker is either a loyal servant of the Devine Emperor of Mankind or an abbomination to be cleansed in the name of The Devine Emperor of Mankind.

    Exzellente Idee, das mit den Kissen.
    Ich möchte auch mal wieder WH40K als RPG spielen, menno!

      1. Ich hab’s tatsächlich noch von meinem Freund prüfen lassen (der von uns beiden der größere 40k-Fan ist), der hat mir das graaaade so so durchgehen lassen. ^^

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