10 Favourite Mori Kei Wearable DIYs


I know what you think.
“No, she’s not becoming one of those bloggers who just post lists of stuff they didn’t make, is she? I think I’mma quit reading this blog right now.”

Oh well. I might feel the slight urge to explain this.

While I’m not really into blogs that actually only consist of weekly link roundups, I’ve noticed during the course of the Mori Girl Challenge that I’ve got a lot of great mori-compatible crafts (well, links) just gathering dust on a Pinterest board of mine. As not everyone who reads my blog has a Pinterest account or the nerves to scroll through all the pins in my Arts & Crafts board, I thought I might as well do a post like this from time to time.

I tried to stick with more “general” Mori Kei pieces with this post, building a basic wardrobe, so to speak.

So, here we go, ten (free) Mori Girl dress and accessory DIYs.

  1. Pine Cone Crown on Cut Out and Keep. I could imagine this as a great yuletide accessory, and it’s really one of those short-notice accessoires. Be careful, though, because tree sap can be an ugly thing, but I think this can be adverted by letting the cones dry properly.
  2. Doily Shirt Embellishment at Family Economics for Casual Mori. I wouldn’t use glue to set the doily in place, but this one is definitely on my to-do list as soon as I find the right T-shirt. This also might look great with actual shirts, a little bit like this one from A Beautiful Mess.
  3. Fox Scarf on Pretty Prudent. Probably the best answer to the fur-or-no-fur question ever. Also, there’s a cute cross stitch pattern to go with it from LucyKate Crafts.
  4. Lost In The Woods Hoodie at Cut Out and Keep for people who can knit. The name even has “wood” in it. It might be a good idea to make it wider for mori, though, to fit better with all the layers. I think it would make a nice knit dress, too, if you just made it a bit longer.
  5. Dress with Front Pleats from Cut Out and Keep again. The pattern is the one I mean, the tunic in the pictures however is from this project (which in turn has the right pictures for the dress).
  6. Fat Quarter Bag from AllFreeSewing.com. Finally an excuse to buy all those cute patchwork fabrics, and it seems rather easy to make, too.
  7. Upcycling Knickerbockers by luai_lashire on flickr. Because Mori needs more pants.
  8. Swants from Westknits. Those things are ridiculous when you first see them, but actually they’re a brilliant idea. Wooly leggings? Yesplease. Also, they’re upcycled, extra points for that. I’m still searching for the perfect jumper for a pair.
  9. Doily Collars. I couldn’t decide which one would be better, so here’s a detachable one from Leafytreetopspot and a sewn-on variant from It’s Always Autumn.
  10. Last but not least there’s a Felt Hat from Martha Stewart because I think it’s cute and baby, it’s cold outside.

I hope you can use one or two of the tutorials in this list. Thanks for reading, any which way


5 thoughts on “10 Favourite Mori Kei Wearable DIYs

  1. I think it’s fine to post lists from time to time to share projects you like.
    As long as you do other stuff too.
    Just keep on going.

    I love the pinecone crown. I’m actually thinking about making one for myself

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