Things I Wear: Ashes and Leather


I went to Frankfurt today to go shopping with Jules – mainly Lush, and some crafting material -, and this is what I wore.


Outfit rundown:

  • leggings + longsleeve: H&M
  • dress: selfmade
  • hat: thrifted
  • shoes: vintage hand-me-downs
  • bag: Primark


  • coat: Promod
  • scarf: hand-me-down
  • fingerless gloves: local shepherd
  • IMG_5361
  • crystal necklace (long, not in the blurry detail picture that wasn’t supposed to be one): selfmade
  • hag stone necklace: self-found and -made

I only painted my lower lip today, it looks somewhat strange, but I like it. It’s sadly already gone in the detail picture, but maybe I’ll reconstruct it sometime.

Overall, I like this outfit and I was dying to show that dress ever since I made it. It’s one of my favourite pieces for everyday wear, truly.


7 thoughts on “Things I Wear: Ashes and Leather

  1. Air, The entire outfit looks fabulous on you, Ari. Your dress is quite lovely looking. I really like all of you hand made accessories. I love your hair, too. You look great in everything, but this is a really fantastic look. Do well and be well, now and always. Michael James

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