Grandmother Quilt


A week ago I finally delivered this quilt to its rightful owner – my Grandmother. At some point I decided to make her a quilt, first of all because grandmothers are hard to find gifts for (even though they might be happy about everything by a grandchild), especially useful ones. And secondly because it was a good project to use up some of my leftover fabrics.


The only two things I bought anew for this project were the fleece blanket I used as interfacing and the bias tape.


Here are the former lives and purposes of the fabrics used:

  • plain green: bathroom storage curtains (project leftover)
  • delicate green patterns on white: pillow cover handed down from my Grandmother to me and used because it was worn out
  • yellow flowers: a table cloth I must admit I bought in the thrift shop because it fit the colour scheme so well (it’s upcycling nevertheless
  • green flowers (also for the lining/other side): a duvet cover from my recently deceased great-aunt. I actually got it as a hand-me-down before she died and had almost finished the quilt already when it happened a few weeks ago. My Grandmother was touched because it was a nice thing to remember her sister by, too.


The quilt is by no means perfect, but it was made with lots of love, and she likes it very much. All the more reason to finish the one I’m making for my mother, too!


Also, I think it’s obvious that I love tassels.


2 thoughts on “Grandmother Quilt

  1. It is beautiful and family quilts are a lovely memory! I like your idea of using the blanket as interfacing, it would be very warm! A lot of people I follow seem to have been making quilts recently, I really must some time too!

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