UFO Saturday

A week without posting, really? It didn’t feel as long in the real world, though. There were doctor’s appointments to be had (I’m getting new glasses!), thrift shops to be visited (in two different towns), trains to and from the Shire to be caught, parties to be attended and a bit of Jeeves & Wooster to be watched, the usual, you know.


Anyway, I haven’t been entirely idle. I repaired a few things (boring, but necessary), and I’m able to show you at least material teasers of my most recent project.


It’s going to be a duffel bag by this tutorial here, only a little bit larger and with cotton lining. I’m already done sewing said lining and would be excited to finish the whole thing tomorrow.
Shame, though, that the fabric has no blue in it, otherwise it would be rather close enough to Hogwarts house banners to work with a delightful Harry Potter theme for the bag.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. ♥

P.S.: I typed this whole affair with Hugh Laurie’s Wooster and Stephen Fry’s Jeeves voices alternatingly dictating it, and I guess that’s how it’s meant to be read, too. What ho, indeed, Sir.
It might have been too much Jeeves & Wooster.
There is no such thing as too much Jeeves & Wooster.


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