Tire Swings and Thrifting Treasures


A few weeks ago Scoundrel and I ventured to Cassel to have tea with his grandparents and check out the local second-hand department store.


There was still a bit of snow on the mound that we had to cross to get to the department store, but beautiful weather and sunlight. And on top of the hill we found a playground, even one in the shape of a ship. Sort of.



I love ships and I love playgrounds and climbing things so we decided to spent a bit of our time there, mainly on the incredibly comfy tire swing. Thanks to Scoundrel for the pictures and for pushing the swing a bit for me, too.


On the other side of the hill was even more snow left, frozen into a solid cover. The department store isn’t too far from the tracks, together with other bigger stores and a bit of industry.




I didn’t take any pictures inside – maybe next time. But all in all it was interesting and really huge in comparison to the thrift shops in our little town. I loved the kitchenware department with all the old tea and coffee sets with gold decor and beautiful molding, and the stack of retro 90s movie posters.


Textiles were 50% off that day, but I would have taken this beauty of a blouse home anyway (not that it was so expensive, the lowered price was merely a nice add-on).


I seldom wear ties these days (I used to when I was about… fifteen and wanted a school uniform, not even a flattering one, very badly). Maybe I should start again because my small collection is growing lately. The seemingly asian-inspired leopard and heron motif was too pretty to leave behind, and it’s all silk, too.


And last but not least I bought a copper bowl because one can never have enough LARP-compatible dishes or bowls and baskets to put stuff in at home.

I’m rather looking forward to our next visit there, maybe with a stop at our favourite sushi place, too. My next thrifting stop will be in Frankfurt, though, and I’m eager to search for treasures there tomorrow.


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