UFO Friday

I actually managed to post one of these on a Friday for a change!

Remember the first steps I took for my new duffel bag last week? I’m done!
No final pictures yet, though, but I can say that I’m already using it – I’m at my father’s place in Frankfurt for the weekend and decided to break it in this way.



Working with piping worked better than expected. I never did that before, but the internet gladly helped me out with that.


The strap tape was just enough for two longer handles but not for an additional cross-shoulder strap, but I’m fine with that. The handles fit over one shoulder comfortably and that’s fine with me.

I also put some lining in my leather bag lately to make it a bit sturdier for when I pack heavier stuff in it. The leather was so old and dry that it ripped last year and after mending it I decided that it was a good time to get the lining done as well.


My next project will be a bag as well, a backpack this time. And I’m helping Scoundrel with a rucksack for his LARP character, too. What’s it with all the bags lately?
However, I hope you’re having a great weekend. ♥


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