The Longest, Biggest Project: Rag Rug 2.0

This rag rug wasn’t the first I made. Maybe you remember that I already made one back in 2011. Back then I used a big piece of cardboard for a loom and wove with strips of fabric only – no yarn for warp.

This time I built a simple, yet actual loom frame and used yarn, and the rug is about three times as big as the old one. In fact, most of the old one even got incorporated in the new one.

Now that the weather was actually good enough for once since I finished it to take pictures I present to you: Rag Rug 2.0!




It’s a little bit like a quilt. I can still tell you which strip of fabric used to be what. The picture below? The dark red on the top are leftovers from my graduation dress. The red-black stripes are fabric I bought for a craft swap. The muted flannel checkers are an old blouse my grandma threw out. The red tartan used to be pajama pants. The yellow fabric is one I made a pair of pants from for Scoundrel. The blue-and-white ones are an old set of sheets and a tea towel. I love how this project tells so many, many stories at once.


I’ll post a few more insights into the progress soon, along with what I learned this time. I hope you like the rug. I know I do, and that it’s worth the time it took making it.



5 thoughts on “The Longest, Biggest Project: Rag Rug 2.0

  1. Wow, Respekt für die Geduld! Wie der Rahmen gebaut wurde, würde mich auch sehr interessieren, mich hast du nämlich ebenfalls neugierig aufs Weben gemacht. :)

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