No Title, Just Pictures

I’m back from Frankfurt for now. I’ll be back there on Saturday, just to embark on a bigger journey, but right now I’m back in my small gingerbread house town while it’s getting more and more spring-like outside.



I had planned a little Mori girl coffee date with the lovely Georgia for some weeks and finally on Friday we made it happen! We had a great time and will surely meet up again sometime soon-ish.



We had tea at Iimori and then raided several thrift shops – more about that in my next post. And I learned that you can use alpacas as guard animals for sheep flocks against wolves. Who would have known.




On Saturday I met with Jule and dragged her to the market hall first thing after. She’s fairly new to my old city and didn’t know the place yet, but as she loves fancy food just as much as I do our visit there was a fair success. Afterwards I made her try onigiri and okonomiyaki with anko for the first time which went well, too, and for good measure we had (pretty!) tea in a slightly hipstery, very nice café we both didn’t know yet. It’s always nice to show people things you like and getting a positive response.
I’m so glad she’s in Frankfurt now! She moved south, to Bavaria, a few semesters ago but now we’ve got the chance to see each other again more often.


Look at that, it’s a sneak peek at my finished duffel bag. It premiered well on its maiden journey and I’m looking forward to more adventures with it. I also took it to band rehearsal on Sunday – much easier to reach via Frankfurt than from Marburg, it’s the difference between about two hours of travel and half an hour. We’re actually getting better.



I hope you had a good weekend, too!


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