10 Things I ♥ in March


  1. The Art of Kate McGwire. Here’s her website, make sure you take a look at her eerily beautiful feather-snake sculptures (is anyone else reminded of Aztec mythology?).
  2. The Polyvore Sets of Maggie Hemlock aka. HexeKnochen.
  3. Inspirations Magazine from Australia. I found one issue of this embroidery magazine by chance years and years ago at a train station but never since. Of course I could just order it via webshop, but that would take the magic away. Anyway, I haven’t done the projects from that one issue yet, anyway, but I think it’s a beautiful source of embroidery inspiration, so I wanted to share it with you when I found it again.
  4. Prague Race, a webcomic by Leppu. I adore her style and the array of characters.
  5. Wands by trillions@dA. They are rather close to the wand designs from the Harry Potter adaptions and a great inspiration for me. Now I’ve got the itch to make some wands myself.
  6. New Glasses! I lost my old ones last summer and wore contacts ever since. While I don’t have any problems with contacts it’s nice to be able to fall asleep while watching TV and not waking up with small rubber bowls suction-glued to your eyeballs. Also, they’re pretty.
  7. The Girl Kinghere’s the trailer – is a film I’m definitely going to see this year, with one of the most epic titles ever.
  8. Warmer Weather. The temperatures allow running laps without a sweatshirt and biking without gloves and spending hours at the riverbanks and playgrounds. Spring is here!
  9. AMSTERDAM. xxx.
  10. Revisiting old ideas. I’m playing around with the thought of something more arts-related for my Master’s degree. It’s still a bit of time until I’ll even have my Bachelor’s, but toying around with ideas and possibilities feels really good at the moment.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in March

  1. Die Sachen von Kate McGwire sind wirklich atemberaubend schön – so fragil.
    Und nachdem ich jetzt die Seite von Maggie Hemlock und die Zauberstäbe gesehen hab, bin ich jetzt wieder voll traurig, dass ich so ein blöder Muggel bin :'(
    Das Inspirations Magazine hab ich vor kurzem auch wo gesehen – ich glaub das war in Augsburg am Bahnhof. Oder in Regensburg???
    Und ich beineide dich so um deine Zeit in Amsterdam. Ich hoffe, wir bekommen davon etwas zu sehen…?

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