Amsterdam Day 1

Starting from Frankfurt around six in the morning we boarded the bus to our first-ever vacation together. We, that’s Scoundrel and I, and our vacation, well that was going to be five days in Amsterdam.

Frankfurt – Amsterdam is, with additional stops to pick up more passengers, a seven-hour drive which is, surprisingly, bearable without a laptop. I got Raising Steam at the station in Marburg and slept a lot and ate a little and somehow we made it.



From the bus station at Rietlandpark to the hostel we had another 30 minutes tram ride, but that wasn’t anything to complain about now. We first stopped at the Centraal Station and got a map from one of the vending machines at the tourist info. I really liked the idea of the packaging, and the idea of the vending machines for the purpose in general.


Miserably, I had caught a cold back in Germany, so when we arrived at the Flying Pig Uptown (more on that later) I just fell down on the top half of a queen-size bunk (we shared that top half, and I love the idea of queen-size bunk beds) and slept for four hours straight.


This was the mirror in our first room, right above a bricked-up old fireplace. And the walls, oh, the walls. Fun fact: Magic mushrooms are actually illegal in Amsterdam. Truffles, however, are not. Still I’m rather sure the murals were mushrooms rather than truffles…
We were told at the check-in we’d have to relocate the next day because of booking complications. We were promised a free drink at the bar and the new room would be on the same floor, so no reason to complain whatsoever.


Ironically I woke up from the sound of Scoundrel’s voice telling the girls in the bottom half that it was no problem if they weren’t whispering as I sleep like a stone. I usually do, though, at least when I fall asleep during the day. We went down to the kitchen – one of the reasons we picked this hostel, you can prepare your own food – and made dinner out of some dumpster diving loot we had packed so it wouldn’t spoil during our trip. Here we met our first new acquaintance, Lux from Romania, who works at the hostel at the moment and asked us about our signs first thing when we started talking (Scoundrel’s a pretty-much-by-the-book Capricorn, I’m a not-so-much-by-the-book Virgo, if you wondered, not that it matters in any way).
Also in the kitchen we met Braidy who had just arrived and decided to join us for dinner when we were all done cooking. We found out that she was not only adorable but also from Detroit and on her grand tour before going to med-grad school, the Netherlands being the last stop on her eurotrip.


We went to bed fairly early that evening. Seven hours on a bus take far more of a toll that you’d usually expect, but, oh well. Outside the last few birds in Vondelpark right outside the window were putting their heads under their wings, too, and then I drifted away to dreamland.


The rest of my Amsterdam 3.15 Diary:

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3 thoughts on “Amsterdam Day 1

  1. So ein schönes Hostelzimmer! Wir hatten damals die billigsten Betten in ganz Amsterdam, glaub ich, da war das Zimmer nicht ganz so schön… Und auch bei uns ist damals jemand krank geworden, was aber an dem nasskalten Wetter im Juli lag und an unserem Rucksackinhalt, den wir für drei Wochen Hochsommer gepackt hatten^^
    Und ich bewundere euch ob eures Mahls – ich denke es gehört eine gehörige Portion Talent dazu, in Hostelküchen etwas annehmbares zu kreieren. Mir ist das bisher noch nie gelungen… ):
    Und hier der einzige Satz, den ich auf Niederländisch kann:
    Ik hou van jou!

    1. Das Pig ist auch wirklich zu empfehlen. Die Küche ist wirklich brauchbar ausgestattet und die Betten bequem, Frühstck ist inklusive und man läuft höchstens ‘ne Viertelstunde in die Innenstadt. Den Vondelpark gibt’s als Vorgarten gratis dazu. UND sie sind bezahlbar. Wir wollen im Sommer direkt noch mal hin.

  2. I love the old building and the psychedelic room art! It also reminds me of a kid’s bedroom! Argh, I hate being sick on trips! I spent the first couple of days of my Europe trip sick, years ago, but it might have been jetlag!

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