Frankfurt Thrift Finds

Just to wrap this adventure up, here are my thrifting treasures from my stay in Frankfurt a few weeks ago.


I’d been searching for something to hang from the strap of my favourite bag for a while now, and this tassel was perfect. It got clipped on immediately and has already seen its first trip abroad!
The necklace was to pretty to leave at the shop, I’m not sure about the material, though. It could be pewter, but I’ve never shown any allergic reaction and any itchy feeling when I wore it could have been a stress symptom, too. We’ll see about that.



For some reason I was set on bringing home more bling than usual, so I picked up these little treasures. The cat was so droll I had to take it, the golden brooch will look great on cravats and ties, the little clay flower looks perfect for a toned-down Mori outfit and the goat was a gift from the shop lady to me and from me to Scoundrel. He’s a Capricorn and likes little trinkets for his ever-growing-more-blingy hippie vest.



Apropos Scoundrel, I brought him a new vest, too. He complained about not having enough fancy things lately. He likes dark blue and pretty embroidery, and he liked the vest, too (it’s always a bit of a gamble but after five years I think I’m getting there).


I love second-hand crafting material. My fabric chest is stuffed with old linens and tablecloths I bought just because I though that they’d make a great dress if dyed or the texture was so nice or the lace would have been wasted if I didn’t take it home. I rejoice even more when I find things I actually need, like these bobbins and the green velvet cushion cover underneath. The yellow cord is the only thing I bought anew in Frankfurt this time, because it was so pretty.


Ooooh, this apron. I love antique white-wear, and this one is so incredibly delicate! It’s almost see-through, and it matches that dress (thanks Verdinium!) so well. It must have been a Sunday apron once. I plan to incorporate more aprons in my Mori kei in the future, and this one is a great addition to my small collection!


And last but not least: My favourite find from the whole haul, maybe even my favourite find all March: The copper kettle. It’s fairly small, about one litre or so, but sooo shiny! I’m not sure yet if to use it for LARP – I’m planning on test-playing a witch this summer – or private dwimmercraft practise, but it’s a great thing to have, what ever I’ll eventually use it for.

I’ll be back to posting about Amsterdam next time but I tought a break would be nice for once. ^^
And eventually I’ll be showing you my thrift finds from there, too.

5 thoughts on “Frankfurt Thrift Finds

  1. That blush though! Haha, such a cute added detail! <3

    I love all your finds (and the apron too, of course), I just had to giggle a bit when I noticed the blush on that picture ;) I'm easily amused!

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