Duffel Bag


Remember my last crafting project before I departed to Amsterdam? I finished my duffel bag in time to take it with me as the larger part of my luggage.

The main fabric is Ikea’s Helsinge, and it’s lined with leftover fabric from this project (also, incidentally, Ikea) six years ago. I had originally purchased Helsinge with nothing special in mind, just because I liked the colours. At first I planned to make a kitchen apron with it but when I noticed that I had only two large pieces of luggage: A huge but mostly untransportable sea-bag I use for LARP purposes because it doesn’t look too modern and fits a lot of stuff when you go by car anyway and my father’s old travel backpack which is nice and all, but I wanted something else. So I searched for a tutorial – this one – and got started.



The only things I bought extra for the project was the bias tape for my first piping which turned out quite well, the zipper and the strap tape. Even the seam tape I used at the zipper was a leftover from a LARP sewing project.



I’m a little bit in love with the whole thing. It has an additional pocket inside, made from Helsinge, two straps with padding to carry over one or both shoulders and a zipper charm made from a bottle cap of my favourite beer, Störtebeker (I actually like their mixes better, but the ship was perfect for a travel bag). On the other side is a piece of leather I use as a luggage tag.


The bag served me well in Amsterdam and I hope this wasn’t our last adventure together.


6 thoughts on “Duffel Bag

  1. Praktische Rucksäcke sind finde ich immer ein leidiges Thema, sie sind selten schön. Deinen finde ich aber selbst als chronischer Schwarzträger ganz fantastisch!

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