Amsterdam Day 3



On day three after breakfast with our friends we set out to explore more of the inner city. We sought for more vintage shops again and finally found ourselves in front of 1953 Retro & Chic. The shop girl was so nice to let me take a few pictures for the blog – more on that in my Amsterdam shopping post, I think, or this post would end up too long.

Have a sneak peek, though:




Our next stop more by chance than planning (which we did very little of, anyway) was the Waterlooplein flea market. Again a whole report on this Goblin Market of sorts would be too much for this post, but let me tell you for now that it was by far our favourite (and most fruitful) shopping experience in Amsterdam so far!




After browsing the market stalls for more than an hour we started to get hungry. China Town was on our list anyway, so we decided to go and get our food there. But, as it were, we made a huge detour on our way hence finding places and walking streets that weren’t so very tourist-laden than most of the city core.



We finally made it to China Town and into a small restaurant where Scoundrel had been on his first visit, too. The tea warmed our bones and it was nice to be out of the constant stream of people pouring out onto the broader streets of Amsterdam for once.



The last picture is the sight from one of the higher levels of one of the may Asia convenience stores in the quarter. Isn’t it beautiful? I wish I had a nook like this to curl up in.


As little planning as we did the Buddhist temple in China Town was definitely on our to-do list. During Scoundrel’s last visit he hadn’t made it there during the opening times, but we managed to get in there fifteen minutes before closing time this time. It was already getting dark when we descended from the temple again and stepped through the intricately carved arch onto the busy street, so we hurried back to the hostel where we had a cooking date with our Americans and Brit. While Colin went to bed early Braidy, Alf and another acquaintance of theirs from Israel wanted to go out for the night. We tagged along to one of the town squares and then went into another direction when the others went for karaoke. We had already decided that we wanted to take a look at the red light district during night, too, and this was a good opportunity. All in all Amsterdam at night seemed incredibly peaceful to us. I have no idea, of course, how it is apart from the very core and the red light district (places like those are usually well-guarded for a purpose in Germany, too), but overall it seemed really nice.


We met the others by chance on our way back, which was nice. They’d had a blast at the bar while we’d been on our quiet walk, and we arrived at the hostel together. We went to bed and snuggled up, because it had been a long day with a lot of walking. I slept incredibly well during the whole stay, too.


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Any thoughts?

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