Amsterdam Day 4


From day one of our holiday Scoundrel had wanted to take me to the public library’s viewing platform. We eventually made it there on the fourth day soon after breakfast.
As it’s located at the IJ we had to walk along the water for a bit to get there, not that I would complain. AT ALL.


The Sea Palace restaurant floats anchored across the street from the library and instantly made me think of One Piece (except there it would be the awesome lair of a pirate crew and more than three floors high).


The library is right opposite to the Museumhaven Amsterdam that’s just behind the Nemo building, that big green one. I’m a water person, I love ships, no matter the size. The ships in the Museumhaven are mostly smaller transport vessels used on the canals and river and rarely on the actual sea, often towed along the banks by horses or people. They still are equipped with sails and some of them might have even seen the open sea- or at least the IJsselmeer.







Afterwards we slowly strolled back into the inner city, going here and there on the way and found a small corner pub where we got traditional Dutch pancakes for late lunch. I’d gotten postcards somewhere along the way and this was a nice place to write them.


All in all I wrote nine postcards, covering family and friends, and I had completely forgotten how hard it can be to make up enough content for one little card not to seem entirely useless.


We did another bit of window shopping afterwards and more exploring until it got almost dark and we headed back to our hostel. We had dinner plans with our friends again, guess for what?


Pancakes. Breton pancakes, though, with cheese and hummus. It was the guys’ – Alf and Colin’s – last evening in Amsterdam so we had a few drinks at the bar and even ended up dancing and Braidy convinced the bartender to play “Let it Go” for us. We also wrote our names on the hostel’s signature wall, proof that we’d been there and that we had the best of times at the Uptown Pig. It was a nice farewell party, really.

Later, on our own way back home when I looked through the pictures, Scoundrel would say: “You know, that evening, when we were all drinking and I made a toast on the probability of us five meeting and even said that – To probability! – there was this moment when all our bottles clinked together. Did you feel that?”
“Mhm”, I nodded, “That was a great moment, very tropey and cinematic.”

“As if life itself had taken a screenshot.”, he said. And he was probably right.


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Any thoughts?

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