And Pearl



Before I wrap up my Amsterdam fangirling with two last posts I thought I’d show you something else for a change. I bought this translucent blouse at the Red Cross thrift shop in Cassel last week, mostly because it was too silly to leave there. My first thought was to merely put it into one of my dress-up boxes and maybe use it for a costume outfit once or twice. By now I’m not so sure anymore – in a positive way.


While the button row and the cuffs were embellished with lace and pearls the collar was rather plain which I found unbalanced and boring. I remembered a piece of lace from my stash, really not much, but just enough for this purpose. I sewed it on during an RPG session and also brought faux pearls to sew onto the lace, too.



I also closed the cuffs with mother-of-pearl buttons I had lying around (matching the ones used to button the blouse in the first place) so the sleeves wouldn’t be as impractical anymore.



The bigger pearls on the collar lace are the ones I sewed on first, leftovers from a project I don’t even recall. It still looked a bit empty so I went to the craft store and came home with another small packet of beads for the rows.

In comparison the collar looks a lot chunkier than the original lace parts, but it’ll do, it matches it enough not to upset me. Due to the new length the collar has now a somewhat Edwardian feel about it as well as a hint of sailor collar. With these characteristics the blouse might as well live in the actual closet from now on.


Have you ever had a thrift find you took with you just for fun that you ended up really liking (or even loving) with a few little alterations? This is probably the thing I love the most about thrifting, the possibilities that are those clothes others threw out.


2 thoughts on “And Pearl

  1. Wie schön! Das erste Bild ist besonders schick. Das lässt mich an alte Gemälde denken.
    Ich kaufe auch in SecondHand-Läden nur die Stücke, die ich total perfekt finde, daher kommt es selten zu Änderungsschneiderei zu Hause.

    Liebe Grüße!

  2. Ari, I hope that you and your mate had a terrific vacation. Thank you for all of the great pictures from your trip. I really liked all of the places you and your love visited. I am sure I am not alone in vicariously enjoying in the vacations of other persons. =) Your present fashion efforts, like all of your work, is inspired and lovely. Thank you for all of your wonderful creations. As always, I appreciate your genius and creativity. Do well and be well, always. Michael James

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