Moss Macros



Saturday we – that’s Scoundrel, Jan, who’s a fellow archaeologist and looks like a Viking even though he doesn’t even try, and me – went to a tournament and small ren faire at Cassel’s Löwenburg.


Löwenburg – lion’s castle – is a small Lustschloss (a pleasure palace, like Petit Trianon, for example) built in 1793 for the Landgrave in Cassel. It’s a mix of several architectural styles and was always planned as an artificial ruin. Sadly the museum wasn’t open during the faire days, but I already convinced Scoundrel to go there another time.


The tournament wasn’t the most exciting thing I’d seen in years, but I think it was a nice spectacle for the families around. I sound like a horrible snob. ^^


The faire was rather small, with the usual array of food and incense stalls, a wood turner, two weapon merchants, liquor vendors (I didn’t take home anything because I couldn’t decide if I wanted spice, rose hip or wild rose-honey wine) and amusement. I loved the viking-themed roundabout.


I bought a small malachite cluster – I never had one before – and a garnet at one of the incense-and-minerals stalls and a bone needle to freshen up my barely existent nålebinding skills.






Obviously I loved all the moss covering stones and roots around the castle. At some point Scoundrel jokingly remarked, “Dear blog readers, I went to a ren faire and tournament, but nevermind. Here are some moss macros! Also, there was moss. Have another macro. And one of horse fur. And one of horse droppings. And of course some more moss.”

Well, he’s not entirely wrong. Have some more moss.




And a horse for good measure (no droppings, though):



The weather was so nice that day (though windy!) and it was fun to dress up in what I like to call “medieval girlie” again (no historical orientation or significance whatsoever, but pretty). I hope all of you had a great weekend, too!


Any thoughts?

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