UFO Friday

You might already know that I’m a big fan of Over The Garden Wall. And now Verdinium proposed that we go as Wirt and Greg to the RPC in May! My first cosplay! I’m actually more of a Wirt person (I’d also be Dipper in Gravity Falls), but I’m the short and stout one between us two and I like dungarees, so Greg it is.

Over the Garden Wall - Greg
This is a polyvore set of my first ideas. I won’t have so much time to prepare (there’s uni and other projects, too), so a costume like Greg’s which is doable using mostly just stuff from my closet is perfect.
  • dungarees: I plan on using this tutorial by Black Sheep on tumblr. The hardest part will be fitting the upper part to my chest. I’ll probably make them a bit longer and maybe put a zipper in there instead of the buttons for more stability. I have enough white fabric to machine dye to work this out.
  • shirt: This is why I hold on to stuff. Seriously. I refuse to throw an old button-down shirt out for years now – it’s a leftover from my “give me a school uniform or give me butch” phase (I always wanted a school uniform. Not even a sexy one, just a school uniform). It’s simple and white, perfect for this purpose. It has a normal collar, though, and as you can see Greg’s shirt has a peter pan one. I’ll see if I’ve got enough time to fix this detail, and if not it won’t be the end of the world. For the ribbon (or is that a bolo tie? I’m never quite sure) a black velvet one will be just right. I might still have some, too.
  • shoes and socks: Docs (hand-me-down gift from Verdinium, no less!) because they’re dark and simple and flat, and white tights or stockings if I can find some. Which should be possible.
  • bag: I have several brown leather strap bags, so the one in the set is merely a stand-in.
  • frog: Jason Funderburker is an essential part of the costume, and the one I fear the most, too. Because I can’t really crochet. The pattern, however, is this one by one of the production assistants of the show. If I go bonkers while trying to follow the instructions I might try sewing or felting to get my frog.
  • the teapot: It’s even more important than the frog. Carved foam would be a way, but it’s messy. I’ve seen sewing patterns for teapots before and I think I’m going to try that first.
  • make-up: Will be simple. Red accents in cheeks and nose, and maybe some way to make my eyes look bigger.

So that’s the plan. Deadline will be the 15th of May. Before that I’m going on LARP for one weekend and have a few other fish to fry, too, but I’m positive I can do this. The priorities are pants – teapot – frog – collar for the DIY parts, and as long as I’ll get through the first two everything will be alright.

Do any of you cosplay? Or enjoy Over The Garden Wall as much as I do? Or are attending RPC, too?

However, have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. Yeah, just you go ahead, little fawn, and blame me for putting your thoughts into words. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa *winks*

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