10 Things I ♥ in April


  • Steven Universe. I think this show is incredibly important – it shows such a wide array of characters of every kind, of different body types, gender performance and character, and it’s genuinely sweet, too.
  • The construction site next to my place is done! Being woken up by a jack-hammer five meters from the bed at eight in the morning for three weeks isn’t funny at all, but now it’s overrrrrr!
  • Planting and gardening. Most of my seeds didn’t make it, but there’s one nasturtium growing after all, and I got strawberries for the window sill and a lavender and I think I’ll get a sage plant, too, so this might not be a failed experiment yet.
  • The feeling of my freshly-shaven sidecut. Yes, I did it! I – okay, Scoundrel – shaved the right side of my head. It’s funny to get through to my actual scalp again… My grandmother was incredibly happy, too, when I told her (then again, she really dislikes the dreadlocks).
  • The new German Mori Kei forum! It’s great to finally have a community outside facebook. Come and join us! You can find it here, and I’m active under the name Bronwen.
  • Gravity Falls. Two cartoons in one list. I fell for the show after Verdinium practically shoved it down my retina, for perfectly good reasons, because it’s great. I identify with Dipper, incredibly so, and I love how the show is pretty much Twin Peaks meets Wonderfalls meets Saturday morning kids’ cartoons.
  • All of the adventures friends of mine are up to. Jules is moving to Austria for work pretty soon, and Weirdboy already left for ten weeks of work & travel in Norway only to start his two-year student teaching afterwards. It’s weird to be here now without them, but soon enough I’ll be off to my next adventure, too.  I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!
  • LARP season! Next weekend will be the first LARP of the year for me. Oh, I can’t wait to sleep in a tent again and hit other people with rubber swords.
  • New RPG chronicles. With Weirdboy gone we had to abandon our Pathfinder and Shadowrun chronicles. It’s sad they’re over, but then again I’ll be storytelling one or two Changeling: The Dreaming chronicles and my character for Scoundrel’s next Pathfinder adventure is already written.
  • Warm days. Warm enough to hang out in the Archaeology institute’s garden with a barbecue and friends, and warm enough to take of your shoes while doing so. Not warm enough yet to go swimming in the river, but those days will surely come soon.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in April

      1. Ich bin auch ganz hin und weg. Hoffentlich wächst das Forum noch weiter an.
        Ich poste mal was auf Tumblr und mache demnächst ordentliche Fotos, okay? ^^

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