Rain, Mud, Swords, Fire

Sorry for my sudden absence. The explanation for it is simple: LARP season has started once again, and first I was busy sewing and preparing and then busy adventuring.


We set out on Thursday morning, Genja, Wainwright and  I, an estate packed with stuff to the brim plus a luggage trailer. The weather report wasn’t too euphoric about the weekend, but we were all looking forward to the first installment of the Chronicles of Mythodea anyway.


Wright and I shared a tent, luckily one big enough for a clothesline.



It’s always funny how well-lit those tents are from the inside, betraying the dark weather outside.


In the evening we finally dressed up and, in my and Genja’s case, did our make-up. After over half a year the collodium felt weird on my skin at first, but you can get used to that pretty easily.

The game started with a little in-game hike through the wet and muddy landscape that was already darkening. Red figures bearing torches emerged from the woods, uttering warnings and curses to the settlers. We reached an abandoned camp (well, in-game, it was, of course, the one we built earlier) by midnight and fell on our furs and blankets, happy to be still alive, having made the way without greater disturbance.


When we awoke on Friday morning, it rained, so both of us, Wright and I, turned around again and slept a few hours more. We finally left our respective sleeping bags around noon after just hanging around chatting in the tent because we just didn’t want to get out into the pouring rain and it was so cozy between the sheepskins. It got better, so we set up the tarp we didn’t get around to in the evening before when Genja was up, too, and we were able to light a fire for a late breakfast.


In the end we spent the whole day like this, seated at the fire, transitioning from brunch to lunch to snacks to dinner, but it was fun nevertheless. I ususally am strongly opposed to spending so much time in the camp, lest I would miss out on adventures, but in this constellation, with good friends by my side and water all around us, it was the best way to spend the day.


The next morning the rain had ceased. I’d been over at the Kura’Assil, army of the West, and Rikkard, my friend from last year’s Conquest, the night before for a cider, but not so long as to sleep in on Saturday.
Saturday is traditionally the last day of a LARP, the one with the big battle and there was no way we would let the weather get us down this time.


We explored the location (which was magnificent), followed adventure parties into the woods and guarded rituals and in the end, of course, took part in the last battle. After the transition from the area we were in through a portal of Aeris nearby to a safe camp we celebrated our still-being-alive with our friends from the West again and made plans for the next games to come. For some of them it’s only one month to go, but I’ll have to wait till August till I see all of those friendly faces again. You can’t quite imagine how much I look forward to it.



4 thoughts on “Rain, Mud, Swords, Fire

  1. Wow, I am duly jealous! I’ve always wanted to LARP but it isn’t too big in Hawaii… haha. Sounds like a great adventure! And your makeup looks very good. I thought it was real!

    1. Thanks, that’s the best compliment one can get for make-up like this!
      I think Hawaii could have some really interesting and great locations, though, and, of course, you’re in Hawaii and I’m slightly jealous. ^^

  2. Toller Bericht! :D
    Irgendwann will ich auch mal auf ein LARP gehen; bis jetzt bin ich noch nicht dazu gekommen. Umso mehr freue ich mich über Berichte :D
    Was backt ihr denn Leckeres über dem Feuer? Sieht brot-ähnlich aus ^^
    Lieben Gruß,

    1. Ja, mach das! Es ist einfach jedes mal wieder super, egal, wie mies das Wetter ist.
      Das waren Zimtbrötchen, die ich einfach noch mal über dem Feuer aufgebacken habe, ich hab’ am Donnerstagmorgen noch zwei Kilo davon gebacken. ^^

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