A Vow Fulfilled


Back in… 2013?, or was it ’12?, I made a vow to myself, to have a table in the Artist Alley at the Role Play Convention in Cologne in 2015. I’d almost given up on the idea already when a friend convinced me to sign up on short notice this year after all.


I did it!

Saturday morning Scoundrel and I boarded the train to the next town where we hopped on the long-distance bus destined for Cologne.


As exhibitor you’re allowed to get in an hour before the visitors to set up your stall or table. Seeing the waiting masses is a strange, but really cool feeling. Especially with an escort of Stormtroopers. Well, they weren’t escorting us but Darth Vader, but anyway.



I was so lucky to have Scoundrel help me, I would have lost my mind without him. He helped me immensely with my table and he’s far better at selling stuff than I am.


I didn’t see much of the convention, to be honest. Most of the time I spent at the table, naturally, but on Sunday morning we had enough time to at least take a look around the cosplay corner before the masses arrived. I’m always amazed what you can do with worbla.


Miniature painting is something I still want to try but at the moment I really don’t have any room for tiny figures to get lost in my all-over chaos.


Aside from a few older pieces I sold some small originals I painted on-site, for example this phoenix. Sorry for the bad quality, but my phone hasn’t the best camera ever.



I even drew a few commissions, like those two (character pictures commissiond by a dad for his son and daughter).

And, of course, here’s my obligatory shopping loot:


Sadly I can’t remember the stalls I got these things from: A crow’s and a deer’s foot, tiny jars and horns for my Changeling live Satyr (and because I think they look cute on me).


And a pair of cute tights, a Totoro button, a cameo from Khaos Kouture (yay, at least one link!) and the mandatory die. I already scratched the year in with a shap needle.


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