10 Things I ♥ in May


  1. Farm Visits. I haven’t done that in a looong time, and I completely forgot how funny it feels to pet chicken.
  2. Lounging about in hammocks.
  3. And walking barefoot on grass.
  4. The prospect of yet another five days of LARP. I decided rather spontaneously (read: one week in advance) to join Genja and the Captain at the Beyond the Seals, a Mythodea ambience LARP.
  5. Random bonfires. We had one when we visited Scoundrel’s parents last weekend. His mother grows herbs which she had lately cut back, so we had lavender wood to burn. It smelled so good!
  6. Costume Drama Series. They are perfect to watch while I’m crafting. At the moment it’s Tudors. Egads, Henry you damn bastard (also, he’s not redheaded and fat enough. Sorry Tudors, Horrible Histories did it better. You’ve got Joss Stone and Natalie Dormer, though, so you’re forgiven).
  7. Potted plants in my bathroom. I’ve got a lavender in an old cooking pot and a nasturtium that needs to be moved into a bigger pot soon.
  8. My Smartphone. I admit it, now that I have one, I’m hooked. Not only is it a decent substitute for when I forget to take the camera with me, but I also use it for morning fitness, Habit RPG and stargazing.
  9. Coconut Oil. My mother’s a big fan of the stuff and it seems to be contagious. It soothes my allergic reactions (my house dust allergy sometimes manifests on my hands, and that it incredibly annoying) and Scoundrel likes it for backrubs. And it smells divine.
  10. Afternoon Naps. I don’t take those on a regular basis, just as they come, but falling asleep this lightly is wonderful. I actually find them far more refreshing than sleeping in in the morning!

2 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in May

  1. Chickens are adorable, funny, and apparently waaay more intelligent than we give them credit for, according to recent studies.

    More LARP sounds great! I haven’t been to a bonfire in so long! The burning lavender wood sounds amazing!

  2. Das klingt alles richtig schön!

    Mein erstes Smartphone habe ich auch eher unfreiwillig bekommen: ich wollte für mehrere Tage wegfahren und beim letzten Kontrollgriff, ob alles da ist, stellte sich heraus, dass mein Handy kaputt war. Also hat meine Mutter mir ihr altes Smartphone gegeben und obwohl ich eigentlich nur Nachrichten-Apps nutze, mag ich es mittlerweile nicht mehr missen.
    Kokosöl liebe ich auch, sowohl in der Küche als auch als Kosmetik. Besonders meine Spitzen finden es toll^^

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