Beyond the Seals


I’m back from my second LARP this year (the next one’s in a fortnight), and even though I got my first sunburn of the season and more than one mosquito bite I can say that I had a great time.


This was my home for five days, from Wednesday to Sunday. We were lucky to have a tent pitch next to a tree so it was shady during the day.



I had made three kilos of cinnamon buns the night before we left and we managed to eat all of them. Also, do you recognise the candles?



Stuff hanging from the tarp poles is always a good idea to make a camp seem more “real”. I’m already looking forward to ConQuest where we’ll do so much more with the place!


The Chochloma ware is so pretty! It’s traditionally Russian and fits the aesthetic of our group very well. And the chest it’s normally stored in can be used to store modern everyday stuff outside of the tents.


I didn’t even take my sleeping bag with me this time which resulted in a wonderful in-character bed. I’ll have a new sheepskin by the time ConQuest comes around, I’m already looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll invest in some military wool blankets, too.



Beyond the Seals is a pure ambience LARP which means partying, conversing, character development, watching fights – gladiators, brawlers and wrestlers – in the arena, a bit of shopping (I needed a small wrought-iron meat skewer – a LARP alternative to forks -, and new copper pieces) and, yes, more partying. Singing with the West, deep in-character conversations during walks in the woods nearby, drinking with friends, writing for the in-character newspaper and the obligatory evening in the hot tub were enough to keep me busy.



I finished my new tunic and jacket in time, and I think I could manage to snap a few character pictures when I’m at my mother’s place next time.


It was nice to be in character without being alert for enemy attacks all the time and I learned a great deal about her. I had such fun and met great people, but I’m even more excited to fight alongside them at ConQuest! I’m already counting the days.

I hope you had a great week, too. ♥


5 thoughts on “Beyond the Seals

  1. Wenn ich von solchen Cons lese, bin ich tatsächlich traurig, keine Larp-Gruppe zu haben. Euer Camp und das Gelände sehen sehr idyllisch aus!

    1. Ja, es war da echt schön, und ich bin ein bisschen stolz auf unser Lager, auch wenn ich da noch massig Potential sehe. ^^
      Auf was für Cons fährst du denn?

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