UFO Saturday

I originally wanted to post this yesterday but my uploading service had other plans, so it’s UFO Saturday instead.


I’m mostly just repairing my LARP kit at the moment, there’s a lot to be done as always. Tears, missing buttons, fraying seams, the usual. Well, it is sports gear, sort of, after all.


Apropos sports gear, I’m designing a sort of varsity team logo for my group at the moment. The idea sprung from some jokes in our group chat, and we needed new T-shirts anyway.


And I’m embroidering a tablecloth for our camp. After all I’m back in the whole ambience-is-everything game and found just the right piece of fabric at the thrift shop two days ago. The picture is from the beginning of the project – the red line is already 50cm long by now.

I’m back to snacks and watching The Princess Bride with Scoundrel now, I hope you’re having a great weekend, too!


Any thoughts?

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