Outfit Diary: Some sort of Respectable

I’m wearing a blazer. That has to count (and I know that closing the lowest button is a faux pas, but there are only two. Screw the rules.)!


I’d been working at home all day clad in slumpy pants and a oversized boyfriend hoody so when I was asked if I wanted to attend an extracurricular lecture on “Masculinism & Anti-Feminism – The new Social Acceptance of Hate Speech” I thought I could as well look a little bit more presentable.




  • blazer: H&M
  • blouse, bag: thrifted
  • skirt: selfmade
  • bearface tights: some Japanese company I can’t recall, sorry
  • shoes: Docs, a gift from Verdinium ♥


This post also doubles as an introduction to the Dark Tapestry skirt, finally! I love wearing it, and it’s stylistically versatile, too: I can wear it with Strega, by personal brand of Punk!Goth, Lolita and everyday fashion alike.


Also, have a mirror selfie from the uni bathroom, mainly because I promised one to a friend who wanted to see what I look like when I try to dress respectable. Also, it’s a big mirror. I should take selfies there more often.

Thanks to Scoundrel for the full body pictures, too!


3 thoughts on “Outfit Diary: Some sort of Respectable

  1. Der Rock ist sooo schön :) Der Stoff ist so richtig zum sich darin verlieren und Muster entdecken! Ich finds auch klasse dass du den Rock mit der Hand genäht hast, ich hab 2014 auch einen genäht und fand das irgendwie total befreiend. Hat auch was definitiv!

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