Belated Celebrations

First of all: Yay USA, congratulations! I was so happy when I read about the historical ruling of the Supreme Court! Now Germany has to equalise all marriages, too.

The day before the ruling Scoundrel and I decided to celebrate the Summer Solstice/Litha again because the actual day had been so rainy and dull. So we gathered some friends for a bonfire and bread-on-a-stick at the river banks and had a wonderful evening.

We had set the date for the bonfire in the evening so I could go down to my favourite spot at the river to have a proper Summer ritual before.

I made a wreath first thing out of the flowers and greenery around the place, just to throw it into the river when I had finished my rites.





On our way to the river we found a dead bat as well as a dead mole and I just couldn’t let them lie around on the street to be thrown into the garbage sooner or later. So I took them with me – they both couldn’t have been gone for long – and incorporated them into my circle as Air and Earth aspects respectively before burying them. It’s life’s circle, after all, and I feel a need to honour that in my craft, too.



I meditated about what I wanted the rest of the Summer to be like and let it grow out of the birch twig in the middle of the circle, conjuring it before my closed eyes.




The weather wasn’t the best so I didn’t go for a full-blown swim but just waded a bit upstream, in up to the breast, and let the water wash the ashes I had painted all over my body with and the first half of the year right off me.



The first to arrive was Pwyll, friend, fellow archeologist, LARPer and one of my Canne de Combat pupils, who brought even more dough than we already had, but with additional corn flower blossoms in it. He also has the most beautiful hair among my friends, ever.


Second were Genja and Malkhaz, the slender one. I know nobody who moves as gracefully as him, especially not at two meters tall. He’s a fellow Changeling devotee and has a wonderful streak for the dramatic.


Slowly others arrived, too, and in the end we were a total of fourteen people there on the blankets around the fire, feasting and drinking and chatting. I had an interesting spiritual discussion with Malkhaz, lovely LARP-centered conversations with the others and later fell asleep in Scoundrels lap with the river and the fire singing me to sleep.



The fire burnt until well after midnight and now I felt like I had finally done justice by the solstice.


3 thoughts on “Belated Celebrations

  1. It is very nice that you did that for the animals. As a child I always held funerals for my pets and dead animals I found.

    I didn’t end up doing a proper solstice ritual, I will have to make sure I do one next solstice!

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