Just for Fun: “How Mori are you?”

Kathryn from I don’t know much but I’m learning has posted a “How Mori are you” quiz recently. It’s obviously to be taken with a grain of salt because nobody could ever measure a “Mori Level” nor has anyone the right to tell you that you’re not “Mori enough”. Kathryn herself states that she made it in the wake of finding the Lolita Level Up quiz and “tried to keep the questions mostly related to the fashion and things that are widely accepted as being a part of a mori lifestyle”. You’ll find my result and opinion at the end of the post.

So, here’s the quiz.

  1. You know of at least one Mori brand.
  2. You own an item from a Mori brand
  3. You’ve bought something using a shipping service.
  4. You have ordered from taobao.
  5. You’ve ordered from Aliexpress.
  6. You’ve bought straight from a Mori shop by visiting there in person.
  7. You’ve traveled to Japan just to buy from a Mori shop.
  8. You own at least one complete Mori outfit.
  9. You own over 5 complete Mori outfits.
  10. You wear Mori Kei once a week.

Current Score: [3/10]

  1. You wear Mori Kei twice a week.
  2. You wear Mori Kei 3 or more times in a week.
  3. You’ve gone 7 days straight wearing Mori Kei.
  4. You’ve worn a complete Mori coordinate in public.
  5. You’ve worn a complete Mori coordinate in public, and it wasn’t for a convention or meetup.
  6. You’ve worn a Mori coordinate to a park or garden.
  7. You’ve worn a Mori or Mori inspired coordinate on a forest walk/hike.
  8. You’ve learned eat very ladylike to avoid stains on your coordinates.
  9. You’ve avoided eating something because you were afraid you would stain your coordinate.
  10. You’ve sewn an article of clothing.

Current Score: [4/10]

  1. You’ve sewn an article of clothing, and worn it in a coordinate.
  2. You run a Mori brand/shop.
  3. You’ve bought something that was too small, or too large, and altered it just because it’s normally hard to find Mori clothes near you.
  4. You know the difference between “good” and “bad” lace.
  5. You’ve thrifted before.
  6. You thrift regularly.
  7. You’ve been wearing Mori for over a year.
  8. You’ve been wearing Mori for over 5 years.
  9. You’ve been wearing Mori since the fashion was created.

Current Score: [6/9]

  1. You’ve been wearing Mori before you knew it had a name.
  2. You wear Mori pieces in with your “normal” wardrobe.
  3. You don’t have a normal wardrobe.
  4. Your friends freak out a bit when you wear jeans and t-shirts.
  5. You have been asked if you are Amish, Mennonite, or why you are dressing like an old woman.
  6. You’ve been told you look like a forest fairy, or someone who lives in a forest.
  7. You’ve been complemented by someone before because they were “glad to see a young person dressed nicely/modestly”.
  8. You know how to hand wash Mori brand pieces so that they don’t shrink.
  9. You’ve bought items before that were not clothing because they “looked Mori”.
  10. You are constantly looking at other people’s outfits and picking out the things that are Mori-like about them.

Current Score: [6/10]

  1. You consider “normal” fashion to be boring.
  2. You’ve worn an outfit similar to a Harajuku style of Mori.
  3. You’ve worn Dark Mori.
  4. You’ve worn Casual Mori.
  5. You’ve worn deer horns.
  6. You’ve worn fur (faux or real).
  7. You’ve gotten into a debate/discussion over fur with someone in the Mori community,
  8. You have a side on the fur debate.
  9. You don’t wear much makeup when wearing Mori.
  10. You don’t ever wear much makeup, or you don’t wear makeup at all.

Current Score: [8/10]

  1. You are part of a Mori community.
  2. You are active in a Mori community
  3. You’ve been a part of many different Mori communities.
  4. You are a Mod in a Mori community.
  5. You’ve attended a meetup with Mori friends.
  6. You have a real life Mori friend.
  7. You have an Internet Mori friend.
  8. You have an Internet Mori friend in another country. (I wish I had some, though!)
  9. You’ve met up with other Mori folk on a trip to foreign or faraway locations.
  10. You have a Mori penpal.

Current Score: [7/10]

  1. You have convinced one of your friends to try out the Mori style, or at least got them significantly interested.
  2. You’ve had to explain to someone what “Mori Girl” is.
  3. You’ve had to explain to multiple someones what “Mori Girl” is.
  4. You’ve been to a Mori fashion panel at a convention.
  5. You’ve been to a Mori fashion show at a convention.
  6. You’ve hosted, and/or helped put on, a Mori fashion panel at a convention.
  7. You’ve been a part of a fashion show wearing Mori Kei.
  8. You know who Aoi Yu is.
  9. You know what Honey and Clover is.
  10. You know what Dear Li is.

Current Score: [6/10]

  1. You know what Wonder Rocket is.
  2. You know who Choco is.
  3. You’ve compared yourself to Choco’s list.
  4. You find yourself mostly compatible with Choco’s list.
  5. You have a Mori idol you look to for inspiration.
  6. You’ve been told that you are someones Mori idol.
  7. You own one of the original Mori Girl magazines (fudge, spoon, etc).
  8. You’ve read scans of one of the original Mori magazines.
  9. You’ve taken an outfit snap.
  10. You’ve hiked outside to a nice location just to take an outfit snap.

Current Score: [8/10]

  1. You’ve decorated your house/bedroom in a Mori way.
  2. You use your Mori wardrobe to decorate your house (ex. hanging dresses on the wall, baskets you carry sitting around for decoration, etc).
  3. You run a Mori blog (traditional, tumblr, etc).
  4. You’ve been interviewed for a newspaper, magazine, or any other kind of article about wearing Mori Kei.
  5. You know what a street snap is.
  6. You’ve been in a street snap.
  7. You have house plants
  8. You have a garden.
  9. You knit and/or crochet.

Current Score: [7/9]

  1. You sew and/or embroider/cross stitch
  2. You’ve crafted your own accessories.
  3. You’ve wanted to try out a new style, but your coordinate still ended up looking Mori, or Mori inspired.
  4. You mix other styles with Mori.
  5. You frequently take photos.
  6. You own a professional grade camera.
  7. You own an instax mini.
  8. You’ve changed an aspect of your lifestyle since finding Mori fashion.
  9. You’ve decided to live a Mori lifestyle since discovering Mori fashion.
  10. You’ve been living a Mori lifestyle since before you know about Mori fashion.

Current Score: [5/10]

  1. You love animals.
  2. You love nature.
  3. You enjoy little things that other people deem insignificant.
  4. You listen to Mori music.
  5. You listen to Mori music because you genuinely enjoy it.
  6. You almost only listen to Mori music.
  7. Your dream home is a cottage in the woods, or a cozy old timey home (like a farm house, or a Victorian house.)
  8. You’ve visited Japan because of Mori.
  9. You’ve thrown a party/wedding that was Mori inspired.
  10. You’ve dressed, or plan to dress, your small children in Mori/Mori inspired attire.

Current Score: [7/10]

My Score: 67: Delightful Deer


1-18: You’re a Forest Admirer!
You’ve probably just discovered Mori and are giving it a look to see if it’s something you’re interested in, or maybe you’ve just started wearing Mori. Either way, welcome to the forest deer!
19-36: You’re Tiptoeing Through the Tulips!
You’re probably a newbie to Mori, but you know at least the basics of the fashion. You’ve also probably made your first coordinate, or are working on one.
37-54: You’re a Forest Sapling!
You’ve probably been wearing Mori for a little while. You most likely know your way around the fashion pretty well, and are at least semi-serious about it.
55-72: You’re a Delightful Deer!
You’ve probably been wearing Mori for at least a year, or you really liked the fashion and jumped in head first! You know your way around the fashion well now, and you’ve probably helped out others in the fashion. You’re probably also living a somewhat Mori lifestyle as well.
73-90: You’re a Full-time Forest Friend!
You’re most likely an experienced, full time Mori Girl. You’ve probably also been into the fashion for a good while. It’s also my guess that there is a good chance you were dressing and/or living like a Mori girl before you even knew it had a name!
91+ You’re a Real Life Forest Nymph!
Are you Choco? You mustreally really love Mori to score this high! You’re most likely the real life embodiment of the ideal Mori Girl. Congratulations my deer!- – –
All right, time for some critique.
The quiz is obviously made by an American Mori girl. In Germany nobody would ever ask you if you’re Amish or Mennonite. We also don’t have enough conventions to actually have Mori Kei panels.
I’m also not such a big fan of the brand questions because I usually see Mori as a very thrifty and DIY kind of fashion, and I don’t think brand should be necessary to validate anyone’s feeling of belonging to a community. I’d rather have things like “Did you ever save a snail or a rain worm?” or “You try to live as environmentally friendly as possible” because for me this is what makes being Mori, not brands and conventions.
I thought the camera points were funny, but I personally don’t think that owning a professional grade camera is much of a Mori thing (the Instax mini, however…).
And then there’s the problem with the mentioning of Mori girls specifically (as Robin kindly pointed out to me) when Mori Kei would have sufficed quite well (the gender-neutral term would be Mori person, obviously).
Alas, that’s just my opinion.
Also, I think I should wear Mori more often.
Other than that it’s fun to take quizzes like this, even though I don’t take them seriously – and I don’t think I’m supposed to (or otherwise I wouldn’t have made a post about it). What are your scores?

5 thoughts on “Just for Fun: “How Mori are you?”

  1. Okay story time! I was totally planning to keep this gender neutral, but then as I was writing it I just… forgot. Oops ^^; I might edit it if I have time though! And I also just edited the amish/mennonite question a few days ago to be “you have been asked if you are/told you looked like: Amish, Mennonite, an old woman, a character from a book, or a video game character.” just so you’re aware :) I’d also prefer more nature focused questions, but a lot of Mori folk I interact with don’t all agree that those kind of things are really “mori” per say, so I kept it to fashion. I also consider Mori Kei to be a thrifty thing, but again, a lot of the Mori folk disagree, sadly :/ Thanks for the input though! I’m glad to see other’s enjoying the quiz! (It’s also nice to know that someone else sees the Mori lifestyle the way I do! I get kind of discouraged sometimes when my Mori friends don’t have much of a love for nature. I consider that very important to the Mori lifestyle.)

    1. (Actually, now that I’m thinking about it I might make a completely separate gender neutral one. That way I won’t have to do any editing to the original post, but it will still be applicable to everyone…)

      1. Thank you for not taking my critique in a bad way! I’m so glad to see others who think of the Mori lifestyle like I do, even though it’s sad that the majority seems to think of Mori only as a fashion.
        Well, we Mori lifestylers will have to stick together, then! ^^

  2. Hullo! I did the quiz too and had some similar thoughts on it. In Australia there are too few Mori girls/people to have meetups or panels at cons. I don’t think any brand would fit me and I prefer to sew my own clothes anyway. I’ve saved many a snail from being stepped on in my time, so I’d score highly for that. =)
    Having said that, I did enjoy the quiz and it reminded me that I really am a Mori girl — even if I don’t get to dress it very often, it’s in my heart.
    xx Katie.

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