The Mori Challenge: Create


Here we go, yet another challenge. This time it’s the Mori challenge, first brought up by Dor, but I first saw it on Kathryn’s blog. Verdinium asked me if we wanted to start togehter and how could I say no to that? Now I couldn’t decide whether to write or draw or cook and I love crafting, so I decided to put it under the title “create” and just do something for each theme.
I won’t do the challenge every day. I see it more as an inspirational list I want to complete at some point.
I also wrote down some ideas for each topic. If you want to join us, you’re welcome!

1. Comfort Food: Draw or photograph your favourite food. Or cook it. Or craft something related to it.
2. Mind Garden: Draw a meditative garden from your imagination. Create a dish inspired by flowers, with lots of herbs, and maybe edible blossoms, too. Plant one.
3. Furry Friends: Draw your favorite forest creature(s). Make pet treats. Sew woodland animal pillows.
4. Goblin King: Draw your interpretation of the Goblin King. Take pictures of possible goblin hangouts. Create a goblin-worthy outfit. Do Labyrinth fan crafts. Cook goblin dishes.
5. Memento Mori: Draw a portrait inspired by vintage memento mori photographs.
6. Mushroom Mushroom: Draw a picture of mushrooms. Embroider mushrooms onto a piece of clothing. Cook something with mushrooms, or grill herb butter-filled ones.
7. Winter Mori: Make Mori winter clothing or accessoires. Find out the best hot cocoa recipe or cook with winter vegetables. Write a snow adventure.
8. Summer Mori: Design a mori girl swimsuit, or sew one. Or alter one to be more Mori. Make Mori inspired ice cream with herbs and flowers and nuts.
9. Traditional: Play with traditional motifs and items from your country. Or one you like, anyway.
10. Favourite Colour: Make a color palette of your favorite colors. Sew something your favourite colour. Or cook. Or photograph. Or find a new one.
12. Flight: Work with feathers and birds’ eggs. Make cloud-like pastry or fairy floss. Write about a Mori community in the clouds on airships.
13. Float: Make something Hama Kei-inspired. Learn sailor’s knots. Cook with things from the water, algae are awesome. Find leaves and sticks floating on ponds and rivers and photograph them.
14. Fairy Tale: Reinvent your favorite fairy tale(s) with a mori twist. Make a fairy tale-inspired dish. Sew a red riding hood or a hunter’s cap.
15. Music: Listen to a song and draw what you feel. Write a song. Build a simple (or complex) instrument. Make a Mori mixtape.
16. Exotic: Draw a mori person in a different culture from your own. Bring pieces from another culture into your coords. Cook something exotic to you. Work with wood or other material not native to your region.
17. Paper: Write, write, write. Experiment with paper clay. Make puppets and dress-up dolls. Make paper-thin crêpes. Make your own stationary.
18. Fruity: Make a wreath for your pretty head with fruit in it. Felt juggling balls that look like apples and nectarines. Create a fruity salad or main course or dessert. Try a fruit you haven’t tried before.
19. Spiritual: Find a good place to meditate or pray. Learn about spirits and fae and other unseen folk. Make talismans and amulets. Draw your favourite synagogue, church, mosque or temple if you have one.
20. Down the Rabbit Hole: Draw or write or film a mori version of Alice in Wonderland. Make strawberry tarts and “eat me” biscuits. Sew an apron. Adorn things with rabbit motifs. Make tea. Paint a tea set (with porcellain paint). Make a wheat crown.
21. Japan: Cook something Japanese. Learn about wabi-sabi and work with it. Make a pretty furoshiki.
22. Vintage: Find something moriesque in a thrift store. Imagine a 50s Mori diner. Adapt a 20s – 70s look for Mori purposes. Take pictures with vintage filters. Don’t be ashamed of it.
23. Editorial: Draw a mori-magazine front cover. Create a photo-spread to appear in a Mori Magazine. Make a recipe for your made-up magazine. Or just write and publish a small zine.
24. School days: Design a moriesque school uniform. Learn something new. If you’ve got one in any way, draw or adorn your timetable. Find or make pretty school/uni/work supplies.
25. Bento: Make Bento. Make it mori-themed. Find wild food to incorporate. Sew a Bento bag or learn how to tie the furoshiki you made during the Japan challenge.
26. Back to the Future: Design a futuristic Mori outfit. Or multiple. Think about giant bell jar woods, and make a tiny one for yourself. Write about it. Make something from junk, recycling will be of the utmost importance. Go and collect trash at the beach or in the forest to make the future a little brighter.
27. Little Things: Collect very small things in a matchbox. Take macros. Build a shoebox dollhouse for a tiny Mori person. Make accessories from miniatures. Prepare a tiny meal for the fairies and gnomes and other little folk in your garden or the park.
28. Sleepy: Sew mori PJs or a nighty. Or a sleeping mask (I hate those things). Or a night cap. Make night cap cocktails. Embroider pillow covers. Write a woodland lullaby. Sleep.
29. Annoying: Do something against the waste problem the world is having. Sign petitions. Make buttons. Discuss. Break the comfortable, mellow Mori cliché and rebel against the megacorps and the Man. Get an unhealthy habit out of your system. Don’t be a pushover or a dormat. Doodle on bully right-wing politicians’ posters.
30. Nature: Go out. Breathe. Hug a tree. Take pictures. Make something out of finds from the woods or the beach or the fields. Write about your relationship with Nature. Foray for food and cook something with it. Be one with it all.
31. Victory!: You just completed the Mori-Challenge, so draw yourself celebrating. Snap a victory selfie. Make a video about your struggles and successes. Do whatever you want.


5 thoughts on “The Mori Challenge: Create

  1. Tolle Idee – ich trage zwar selber kein Mori, mag aber den Stil und die damit verbundene Beziehung zur Natur. Ich hab’ mir die Themen mal abgeschrieben, da lässt sich bestimmt was umsetzen – egal in welchem Medium :-D
    Übrigens ist dir die Nummer 11 – Least favourite colour – entfleucht ;-)

    1. Ja, an sich kann man die Themen natürlich auch ohne Mori umsetzen. :)
      Nö, die hab ich weggelassen. Neon passt nie zu Mori, egal, was man damit macht. ^^

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I posted the link to this on the International Mori Group on Facebook, I hope thats ok! Would be fun to do this together with a group of mori folk ^-^

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