Not always Fun, but always necessary


Today I had planned to write about a finished project. I went to my favourite rubble beach at the river to take pictures – it wasn’t too hot outside yet, and the scenery is so nice.

I won’t be writing about that today. Instead I’ll write about what I found at my happy place.


Trash. Garbage. Rubbish


And not just garbage, no. The picture above is all that would still have been usable. Several unopened packages of barbecue sausages. Two near-full bottles of ketchup. Tons of scattered (and by now molten to the ground) marshmallows. A blanket, only smeared with a little ketchup. One-use dishes and cutlery.
The meat was what hit me the hardest. I have no problem with people eating meat although I try to avoid it myself (except for my guilty pleasure sushi and smoked salmon), but buying it and then letting it spoil somewhere? Beings died for that. The least people could do would be honouring this by eating them (and maybe be thankful).


I went home, called Scoundrel and told him to get garbage bags. He even brought our dumpster diving rubber gloves, and we got to work.
His comment? “Other people give their girlfriends chocolates. I help her pick up trash at the beach.”
Me: “Chocolates only generate more garbage and make me fat and are unhealthy and would melt anyway with the weather and all.”
Thank you so much for helping me, favouriteperson. I love you. ♥

I usually try to make my pictures look pretty. I didn’t even bother with these. It’s rubbish. It’s not pretty, and it doesn’t deserve pictures with optimised colour contrast.


The people who left that shopping cart there and probably all of the trash didn’t put their stuff back into the cart, by the way. That was a guy I met when I went swimming with Pwyll the day before yesterday who didn’t want to tan between rotting barbecue food, either. Thanks, whoever you are.


Also thanks to the woman who always maintained a garbage bag up to now. She’s fed up, too, because when I came to the beach this morning she’d left a note next to the bag and sign saying “Thanks to the bag overflowing (because nobody takes anything back with them) I can’t get it away from here anymore, and I’m sick of it. Have fun cutting your feet on shards (and those of your kids) and sitting in your own trash”.
Well, she ain’t wrong.

However, we put the garbage bag into the shopping cart (after we got rid of the two we filled with the trash pile from the cart and the rubbish left on other parts of the beach) and hung a new one. We might even make a new sign. “Using the beach? Fee: Pick up three pieces of trash. Thank you.”

See, this is what being a Mori person (or Hama, in this case) means to me. More than pretty, flowy layered dresses and cutesy woodland animal accessories. More than drinking tea and looking at the raindrops on the window pane. Don’t get me wrong, I love the aesthetics and style. But this is Mori, too. Caring for nature. Getting shit done that nobody else will be because they don’t care enough. Getting your hands dirty planting or cleaning. Thinking about alternatives. Giving back.


This is my happy place, and it deserves to be pretty and clean.
All of Nature does.


8 thoughts on “Not always Fun, but always necessary

  1. As long as all the stuff is cheap to buy, be it meat or a blanket for 2 Euros at certain stores, some idiots put no value into it and throw it away at a whim. My friends and I have made a tradition of looting the campground of festivals we went to after most of the people have left and we have found the most amazing stuff that people just threw onto trash heaps. Two perfectly fine tents, loads of kitchen equipment, camping chairs (my current one I scavenged at last year’s RockHarz) and, once, a cooling box full of unopened Ravioli cans. I wonder what we will find this year…

  2. Mann, was für eine Sauerei! Die weggeschmissenen Würstchen machen mich auch völlig fertig. So was Idiotisches.
    Toll, dass ihr das aufgeräumt habt – aber echt blöd, dass die Leute ihren Kram nicht wieder mitnehmen können!

  3. People who leave rubbish make me sick! In the city is bad enough, but it will eventually be picked up, but in nature! That is even worse! How did humans become so selfish? Our intelligence means we should be more responsible, not less!

  4. All I can say is that I’m happy people like you still exist in this world. Your post got to me when you mentioned beings died and that the meat was just sitting out there ruining. I eat meat,but that is like you said, someone had to die for that. So wrong on many levels.


  5. That’s disgusting! It must have been so sad to see. I’m proud of you for cleaning it up. You’ve made me think about my life and how I can do more to reduce waste.
    I’m always a little bemused when I read about younger/newer Mori girls worrying that they’ll stain their clothes or tear their lace on a bush. Lace is easy to mend and you can just sew a patch over a stain….

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