Comfort Food: Edible Bliss


There’s a memory deeply engraved in my mind. It’s the picture of a little girl in a white night gown with little blue flowers on it, sitting on her feet on a corner bench in a dining room at dusk, her head wrapped in a towel – she’s probably just out of the bathtub. It’s warm, maybe spring or early summer, and her grandmother comes in with a deep dish with chipped primary-colour ornaments from the 70s. Semolina pudding with a face drawn with sea-buckthorn sauce, with hair made from banana slices. I’m the little girl.

This is my first post for my rendition of the Mori Challenge. I wanted to post this incredibly simple recipe sometime soon, anyway.


For one bowl of decent semolina pudding you’ll need:

  • ½l milk (or the vegan alternative of your choice)
  • 2 tbs sugar
  • 4 tbs soft wheat semolina/farina

See, it’s that easy. Pour the milk into a small pot, mix in the sugar and bring it to a boil. Stir in the semolina, slowly, to avoid lumps. Lower the flame (or if you use an electric stove you might as well turn it off and use the excess heat) and let it soak and cook for another five minutes. Stir it up from time to time or it will burn easily. When it doesn’t flow off the spoon anymore but rather drips in larger drops it’s done.

Eat with banana slices and absurd amounts of sea-buckthorn-and-honey sauce. I fear they might not have this outside europe, but something with a lot of vitamin C usually compliments the flavour quite well.

This food always makes me feel warm and safe, the ultimate comfort food.


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