10 Things I ♥ in July


  1. Bones & Things on Etsy. While the prints are artfully made the things I really admire is their dried flower jewelry.
  2. The Tiny Companions Collection by Peppermint Fox, a charming Otome Kei indie brand from Melbourne, Australia. In fact all of their designs are lovely, but this is the line I adore most.
  3. Yama no Susume is an anime (based on a manga) about girls hiking and climbing. The first-season episodes are merely 3.5 minutes long (the secon-season ones are ten minutes longer!), but there’s a Mori girl in the cast! It’s also a show about conquering one’s fears. And it’s the sweet slice-of-life kind of anime that always makes me feel comfy.
  4. The art of Ann Carrington. I’m captivated by the way she uses old things to create art – especially her Horns and Tusks, Galleons and Feathers and Bouquets and Butterflies projects.
  5. The Art Of The Mask, again on Etsy. And again, captivating beauty. The masks remind me of hellenic and Roman statues and even drama masks (even though those usually have a more gaping mouth for better acustics). I can’t decide which one’s my favourite, so it comes to a tie between the Golden Dama (scroll down a little to see it) mainly for colours, the Aegean Goddess because I have a thing for cast bronze and patina and mythology from antiquity and Tyche Fortuna – again, a goddess, and I love the paint job (which sounds far too banal for something as beautiful as this).
  6. This Rose Petal Honey recipe from Gardenista. I think I’ll have to try this some time. I also love Rose Lemonade, while we’re at it.
  7. Lazy Summer Days at the beach with occasional swimming and watching the small fishies in the shallow warm water.
  8. The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. These comics about Ada Lovelace (the first programmer ever) and Charles Babbage (the guy who built the difference engine Lovelace wrote her program for) are hilarious and they have historical explanations at the end of every installment.
  9. Turning Cigarette Butts into Park Benches. Watch the video here, and read more at the TerraCycle website. The cigarette butt problem occurs at my favourite beach, too, and I think about at least setting up an extra container for them, maybe with a stack of little ash trays next to it to take with you on the beach and collect your stumps in.
  10. As of the 17th of July it’s summer break for our university!

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