UFO Sunday

It’s Sunday already, fancy that. It’s only been three days since my last day of lectures this semester on Thursday but somehow it feels longer. I’ve been busy swimming (the beach is still looking decent, thankfully) and RPGing – in fact I’m off to a session in an hour again – and with Weirdboi visiting Scoundrel which means the whole crew went for sushi and, again, swimming.

Anyway, I’ve also been busy crafting! The biggest LARP event of the year lies straight ahead, only two more weeks to go!


First of all, the Vodgorod tablecloth is coming along nicely. I’ll have to get another strand of black embroidery thread tomorrow, though.


I also got Genja’s old weapon – it was broken and I needed a core for my new glaive anyway, so I was happy to re-use his. That’s me stripping it of the old layers of foam, by the way.


The project that’s probably closest to being finished is this broken samovar I’m slathering with silicone.


I also bedazzled it with amber (and things that look like it), and it included me sawing through a stainless steel tube which took two or three days to get through.


I hope everyone had a great weekend, I’m off to play a Belgian tank mechanic now.♥


3 thoughts on “UFO Sunday

  1. du kannst dir beim nächsten stahlrohrdurchsägen gerne eine flex oder einen dremel ausborgen… das sollte dann erheblich schneller gehen – aber die eigenleitung des geschafften kommt einem gleich viel weniger großartig vor…

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