LARP: My Make-Up Pouch

With my departure to ConQuest being less than two weeks away I thought I might as well show off some of my equipment.


This is my make-up pouch. It’s made from a place mat thingy from the thrift shop – I liked the folk art embroidery – and a leftover for lining, so it was pretty much a scrap project. I even had the buttons leftover from an old character’s dress.

I comparison to many other players I don’t need a lot of make-up. I don’t play a drow or elf so I neither have to look perfect nor do I have to paint on a whole new skin colour. I’m not an exotic dancer so I won’t need any normal make-up. I’m also not part animal or demon or something like that, so I don’t need any more latex applications like horns or fur parts or anything like it.



  • eyebrow pencils for fake freckles and markings
  • water-soluble theatre make-up (plus a light skin-coloured pot)
  • two rather bland eye shadows for contouring
  • two brands of rouge, I prefer the liquid one most of the time
  • collodium

The main “ingredient” of my LARP make-up is collodium – scar fluid. My character has a big scar next to her left eye, a reminder of a cooking accident I had right before I went to play her for the first time. Of course it was nothing as trivial as splashing hot oil in-character, but I decided to keep it (pictures of face scars ahead, just to have warned you).


The trick with collodium is to colour the skin beneath before you apply it.


That’s the liquid rouge and the dark eyeshadow with a layer of collodium. I usually do this for my burn mark:






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