Mine in the Shire,  Scoundrel’s with me in the Shire, Verdinium’s also here in the Shire, and Verdinium’s and mine at IKEA.

We had pancakes every morning!




The last stack is the one I made before Verdinium arrived, in contrast you can see that she didn’t let her’s burn. *blush*

While Scoundrel was still there – he had to work mid-week and went back to Marburg early – we went out for sushi take-out and shopping. I promised Verdinium that she could do the whole makeover montage routine to me and that’s how I ended up in a dirndl (the cliché Bavarian traditional dress).




Doesn’t she look glamorous?

Here are the collages of our various outfits:


she really didn’t like the blouse – my favourite outfit of her’s, the dress looks so great on her! – we put her in the most grungy things we could find, revenge for the dirndl incident on my part – for some reason she wasn’t smitten with this (Scoundrel and I both didn’t understand why)


the dirndl (I really liked the fabric pattern, if nothing else) – the dungarees I ended up taking home (it’s really hard to find a pair these days!) and that Verdinium actually just put in my basket to show me that it wouldn’t look good but they are comfy and have pockets! – actually I wasn’t as homicidal as I look here, I just didn’t like the material

With Scoundrel out of our way (which sounds meaner that it actually should) we made our way to IKEA. He hates IKEA. Just like my parents.


I usually have a field day at IKEA. I don’t really view it as a place to buy furniture, it’s more like a theme park to me. The thing I like the most are the example rooms. In this case it’s the rug and the wheat print sofa cushions that got me, but not the sofa. I’m not a fan of white upholstery, not at all, because I’m rather prone to spilling stuff (and getting paint everywhere).


This one was right at the entrance. I like how it made use of the fabric and how much like summer it felt even with dark surfaces.


This bedchamber was my favourite. Maybe not for my own (I prefer natural wood to white lacquer furniture) but for a long vacation? I really like the bed, though.


Aaand of course we had lunch. But else we bought NOTHING. Just imagine, walking out of IKEA without even something as small as scented candles (I must admit that I pretty much never buy scented candles anyway, I prefer incense) or stationary or Swedish sweets. It was a rather unfamiliar feeling, I must say, but not bad at all. ^^

After that we spent most of our time watching anime and scrolling through tumblr. What sounds rather dull was a great weekend. A friend that likes the same shut-in stuff that you do is priceless. Just sitting there with our respective notebooks, showing things to each other from time to time or watching hilariously pastel animated Japanese café staff getting into antics, pointing at things an exclaiming “kawaii desu!” every other minute is great.
No pressure to do stuff is something everyone should experience some time.

Thanks for visiting me, it was awesome!


2 thoughts on “Visits

  1. Yeah, alright, those stupid dungarees did indeed look better than I was hoping for. Even though were a rare specimen to begin with, and quite Sarah-Kayish in that. If they really were there to turn you off the idea once and for all, I’d have gone for skinny jeans.
    And those modern Dirndls simply neither have the charm nor the quality of the real thing. Remember the red gown you wore to the ball, little fawn. They should be doing that, not whatever that pink thing did.
    Thanks for a splendid time (・∀・)

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