UFO Friday


It’s two more nights to sleep through until I make my way into adventure again so everything I’ve been crafting lately has been, of course, LARP-related. Above you can see the first real steps towards my new bardiche, my new weapon. I started working on it at my mother’s place, mainly because the glue fumes were less unhealthy in her open garage than in my studio flat (where I would have slept in them, too).


I also dis- and then re-assembled my underdress. The sleeves were sloppily sewn-on because I was in a hurry to make it wearable last time, so I fixed that and also made the skirt a bit shorter. I even managed to throw together a new sarafan, it’s currently swimming in a bucket full of black tea for some additional colour.


And I’ve finally arrived at the last very integral part of weapon-building: the rubber paint layers. I’m still at the base colour so I’ll have to finish tomorrow, but I think it’ll be all right in the end. I’m never quite finished two days before.

I’ll check in again on Sunday, until then have a great weekend! ♥


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