Things We Wear: Off-Whites and Pentagrams

Whoohoo, it’s an outfit post (scheduled so you won’t too bored while I’m away fighting for all that is good and lawful (or at least what my character thinks to be). Not only that, it’s an outfit post with Verdinium!

We opted for Mori Kei as our source of style inspiration. It was rather hot and humid outside that day so layering was difficult, but I think we did quite well, anyway.



  • blouse: Carla Conti
  • pants: H&M
  • shoes: adidas
  • bag: Rowallan



  • shirt: Romeo & Giulia via TKmaxx
  • dress: minor Italian brand with removed tags, so sadly no idea
  • shoes: Promod
  • bag: flea market, altered by me

I really like this picture, after all that’s the first time you can see my sidecut decently here on the blog. The top was a gift from Scoundrel who liked it so much after I tried it on that he just gave it to me. ♥


Any thoughts?

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