10 Things I ♥ in August


  1. LARP. Of course LARP. Always, but especially in August.
  2. The Small Beast jewelery. While they are quite out of my league I’m intrigued by their design, especially the crystal pendants.
  3. Jelly Sandals! With glitter! I remember those things from my childhood and I think I hated them back then, but nowadays… I might as well get a pair (source: Forever21).
  4. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?Is the order a rabbit?, a lovely iyashikei anime about five girls and three cafés. Come for the cute uniforms, stay for the food porn. I like anime with food. I also adore Sharo’s haircut.
  5. Birds and their Secrets on tumblr. Beatrijs has not only some great Harry Potter fan art but also a lovely style in general. She also has a store, and I especially love this Ron print.
  6. This Rabbit Bag from Monogirl on taobao. I like it better without the lace, but the design is so cute! The fact that it looks a bit like a pancake and that I’ve been watching GochiUsa (see above) doesn’t help either. ^^
  7. Midnight Hollow for Sims 3, an additional world. I just got it (finally!) and I’m entranced. Thanks to the colouring of the world it’s so dark that it’s almost undistinguishable if it’s night or day without looking at the clock, the gloomy Victorian homes are whimsical and the rabbit holes (venues, workplaces and service buildings) and public spaces are incredibly detailed and exactly as beautiful as I hoped they would be.
  8. The textile artwork of Ann Wood. Find her works (and patterns) here on her site.
  9. Banjos. Kathryn from I don’t know much but I’m learning is learning how to play at the moment and there’s just something so soothing about the sound. After a drunk evening with Picko we thought about forming a country cover band (yep, you read that right) and now I’m thinking about getting a banjo myself… (picture above from George Banjos, Somerville, Tennessee)
  10. The FantastiCute design pack from Urbanthreads.com. Oooh, those cute litte yetis. And gargoyles. And nessies. And monsters. And everything. I don’t know where I want them, but I want them, badly.

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