Patchwork Rolls


I finished the patchwork from last week’s UFO! I padded it with a fleece blanket and quilted it with simple stitches and made two covers for my sleeping bags.


This way I can use them as day pillows instead of having them just take up space except for the few times in the year that I actually use them to sleep in.

The big patchwork was completely done by hand, the small one was sewn by machine after I realised that I had enough fabric diamonds left to cover my small summer sleeping bag, too. All the fabrics are leftovers from old clothes and projects or second-hand: That Pooh Bear? My old children’s book inspired DIY curtains. The flannel checkers right next to that diamond? An old shirt of my Grandmother’s. There are pieces of Scoundrel’s old pants, patchwork fabrics I bought on a whim years ago and never used, an old steampunk bodice I never quite finished (the red and pink stripes!), a neckerchief I brought home from the thrift shop because I liked the pattern…

The best thing about the covers is that I can stuff them with my everyday clothes when on LARP and use them as pillows, too.

I hope you like them! ♥


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