Rediscovering Cuteness

Because at some point I lost it.

Society – western society, that is, and also the alternative side of it, because those are the two bigger societies I live in – teaches us that cuteness is weak. I could now go into details of how this relates to feminist issues and is toxic to everyone, but I won’t because if you want that rant you’d have to ask me in person and give me a tranquilizer afterwards. So much for poise and countenance. Oh well.

At some point I lost it, or at least big parts of it, and now I want it back.

For a long time I thought that nobody would take me seriously when I was clad in lace and rose colours, especially academically, or when it would come to more serious opinions. Then again, I realised, I’m short, round-faced, female and rather young (and don’t wear blazers on a daily basis) so nobody takes me serious anyway until I prove myself. And why not prove myself in a frilly dress once in a while instead of cargos?

I always viewed September as the perfect month to start anew. Not only does the first day of the month mark the first day of the new Hogwarts school year, it’s also my birth month and the month before uni starts again. The air gets crisp again and I can dress in layers which makes me exceedingly happy. It’s the month when back-to-school shopping should take place, and why not apply that to my return to the Alma Mater Philippina, too? Except that I’m not necessarily looking (only) for new things to wear but also for a return to a mindset that made me much happier in the past than hanging around in a track suit would ever do.

Now, what does that mean for this blog?
You’ll have to bear with me while I figure out my brand of cute, kawaii, sugary and princessly again. It doesn’t mean less content, there’ll rather be more. I always aspired to write a blog I’d want to read, and at the moment that means pretty things and recipes and lifestyle ideas, so that’s what there will be, I guess, and I’d be more than happy if you were willing to accompany me on this journey.


By the way, that was a joke, I don’t own a track suit.


7 thoughts on “Rediscovering Cuteness

  1. Western culture has so many rules about how women should look and behave and it makes me mad as hell. In Sweden there seems to be an unwritten rule that if a woman is over the age of 25, wearing big amount of pink is out of the question. I happen to be 35 going on my 36th year, I love pink and I find it damn right funny that I get more angry stares wearing an all pink outfit than I ever got when I use to be a goth in my 20’s. :P
    This outfit made a lot of women in their 40-50s stare angrily at me:

      1. Aww, thanks :) I really love that dress, it’s 50’s vintage.
        I fight the norms every day and I will keep fighting when I become a “finished” teacher too. I want to show my students that there are alternatives to the conformity.
        Right now since I’m studying at an art school I can look how ever I want and still be taken seriously, but I think it will be a bigger fight once I start working as a teacher. The fact that I’m going to be a fine arts and crafts teacher will cut me some slack but not much…

  2. Yes! Let’s bring the cuteness and individuality back into the world!
    I suspect one of the reasons that my new manager doesn’t take me seriously is because I have totoro figurines on my desk and a brightly coloured backpack with an arpacasso plush dangling from it. *I* know I’m a professional, so it doesn’t matter.
    As well … cute outfit!!

  3. I absolutely agree with you! I worried about that for a long time too, both because of outside influences, and because I was still figuring myself out and was a bit (too) focused on being “hardcore” or “no-nonsense.” But, slowly, I found what makes me happy. That is, being cute when I want to, and putting a little bit of silliness into my everyday life. :)

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