Figments to Fashion: Sarah and Holly

Remember back in the day when I used to make Polyvore sets matching my inspiration posts the day before? I’m trying to attempt raising this idea from the dead on the post series churchyard, so here I go. This might not be executed regularly, but I’ll try and make more because it’s fun.

Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay: Second Attempt

♦ click here for the set ♦

Sarah Kay always has this Victorian, childlike charm and plays with themes of chores – doing the laundry, sewing, the like – a lot. I decided to go for a sewing theme with the jewelery and with a vintage prairie dress as the main piece. There’s a little bit of a pattern mix going on, deliberately so, but rather a toned down one. The rest is wool and cotton and pastels, and a Lolita brand twist on the traditional granny boots.

Holly Hobbie

Inspiration: Holly Hobbie

♦ click here for the set ♦

Holly Hobbie is generall a little bit more unkempt than Sarah Kay, a little less saturated and pastel in colour, and a little bit less soft in its surroundings. The emphasis is more on patchwork than on floral printed muslin and on things that can outlive a mean autumn or winter. The duck feet boots are lined with wool, the pants are supposed to be worn under the dress and the old-fashioned doctor’s bag has enough space for pies and apples and other yummy goods. There’s just a tiny bit of pastel left, and I decided to substitute the traditional bonnet of pioneer girls (depicted, nevertheless) with a cable knit cap – the shape is about the same and it’s a little bit more modern, too.


A simpler approach

Holly or Sarah

♦ click here for the set ♦

While it’s tremendously fun to build Polyvore sets without any regard for price and money I decided to follow the advice I got there regarding the every day applicability and build another for under 100,- €. It only covers the basics, though, but let me explain. I view these outfits as Natural Kei, and as with most things I’d wear DIY and thrifting is key.
  • The dress is vintage and I know from experience that it is actually possible to thrift dresses like that. They aren’t too pricey on the aethernet, either, if you can’t find one in your local store (except if you want Gunne Sax, because those are pricey).
  • The shoes are always what makes sets like this one complicated because shoes are not as cheap as most clothing, and they are harder to thrift, too. Autumn is a good time to look for simple tie-up boots like these in your local shoe stores, though. For the Sarah/Holly look one could replace the ties with lace or velvet ribbon, too.
  • You can find scarves or shawls at the thrift shop for about 1,- €/£/$ or the equivalent of your respective currency, it’s not even necessary to spend more on that. Soft cotton is best to achieve this look.
  • I opted for knit tights – again, autumn is the perfect time to look for those. Arm warmers can either be bought or made from old knit tights (you know, the ones from last year with the strategically unfortunate holes) or sweaters.
  • As for jewelery, Etsy has innumerable vendors that sell pieces for building your own, but you could also make a trip to the shop-for-dollhouse-equipment of your choice and make a necklace out of cutlery or doll dishes. Lockets match this look, too, as do faded ribbons of any kind and jewelry inspired by or made of things you’d find outside, such as moss, wood, acorns or leaves.
  • All in all I think an outfit inspired by Holly Hobbie and Sarah Kay is doable with less than 50,- € if you’re patient enough to make some things yourself and thrift well.
  • For something more over-the-top visit here for tutorials on bonnets and aprons. They are child-sized but shouldn’t be too hard to enlarge to fit a grown-up.


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