Cake and Pumpkins – 26


Yesterday was my 26th birthday. It was a quiet one that I mostly spent alone and later with Scoundrel. He made the by now traditional scavenger hunt for me with my presents. Each hint lead me to the next one.

  • “Look for the odd one out. The hint is in the colour of the hinted. In case of doubt, remember Roy.” -> my bookcase. It’s organised in colours, and the Roy referenced is Roy G. Biv, and the odd one out was a pink book in the green section. Hidden as a bookmark was the next hint.
  • “I am where the socks should not be” -> under the radiator where my socks sometimes tend to vanish to (which Scoundrel hates). Another book, another hint.
  • “High society”, with an emphasis on “high”. -> on top of the electric meter. I had to stand on my toes on my desk to reach the next book and next hint.
  • “Look within that which you gave yourself.” -> inside the backpack I ordered for my birthday (which is by now my dad’s present). Yes, another book.
  • “A good book and a … of …” -> obviously this meant “a cup of tea” so I looked inside my tea pots, mugs and on the tea shelf where I found the next book.
  • “I rest with the exe that eats your art.” -> the scanner, although I first thought it was the camera and the next hint would be a picture (it wasn’t. It was another bookmark).
  • “I am not like the others. Look among the little helpers that make the big difference for one of our senses.” -> at first I overlooked the “our” and thought it was about my spectacle or contacts case, but after three “Read it again”s from Scoundrel I finally realised that it meant the spice rack. Not a book.

The books were all the Princess Diaries that I needed to complete the series. I read them out to Scoundrel so he can enjoy this, too. The last present was a small bag of woad pigment and gummi arabicum so I can make my own water colour with it.

I had gotten a parcel in the post the day before from my mother and grandmother with a dry coral in a shell (it’s a thing in Germany, one of those little gifts you usually give to children in raffles or goodie bags, and I love them), coconut oil and a small pumpkin from their garden (along with gift cards for a barstool and a cheescake. It’s complicated.).

I made a cake after one of the GBBO Masterclass recipes with far too much sugar for my taste, to be honest, but it’s tasty nevertheless, with a lot of cinnamon and lemon.

I hope you had a nice weekend, too. ♥


6 thoughts on “Cake and Pumpkins – 26

  1. Happy B-day. Sounds like you had a great one :)
    I turned 36 today, and my darling bought me a russian shawl and Bubbies (som weird ice cream cakes). A lovely way to start the week :)

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