A Changeling Night Out

I don’t go out dancing often, but I had a gift card for free entrance and beer for me and some friends thanks to the mailing list of a local club and my birthday so I took the risk for once.

The event was the quarterly medieval rock and pagan metal party and we decided beforehand to make our visit there Changeling-themed.


Malkhaz went as a Sidhe and looked the part even though he couldn’t find his pointy ears. Aren’t those riding boots great?


Fragile took his part as the group Sluagh, and my pointy ears look so great on her! She’s so willowy and big-eyed and, well, fragile anyways, it looks just as if she was born with elf ears.


I’d normally say that Pwyll is a Selkie, but this time he looked somewhere in-between Troll and Boggan.


I usually see myself more as a Nocker, but for partying I rather opt for Satyr instead. Pwyll is not really used to making outfit shots, so a picture of my feet – in leg warmers to emulate big hooves, more or less, will have to suffice.

The music was… mediocre. At some point it was rather nostalgic to Pwyll and me, things we’d listened to years ago, but mostly it was dumb party music but with bagpipes instead of computer sounds. We had not really expected anything else (and the party was the most compatible with our tastes in the time frame of the gift card), but the dance floor was not too full and we had free admission so we were not really frustrated after all and made the best of it.


They have a photo booth at the club now! Which was, to be honest, the most fun thing about the event (aside from the wonderful company).

We probably won’t attend this special event anymore in the future, but the adventure party might get together for other Changeling outings in the future.


7 thoughts on “A Changeling Night Out

  1. Wow, you all look really cool! :O Never played Changeling, but I’ve heard of it and I’d love to try it when I find a new RP group. Oh, and happy birthday! :D

    1. Thank you very much, for the compliment and the birthday wishes!
      I hope I can get my new campaign started as soon as the semester starts, Changeling is one of my favourite RPG backgrounds.

  2. Aww, thanks for those kind words about me and for lending me those elf ears (to be honest I’ve always wanted to try on a pair) <3 It truly was a great night! :D
    (and what a shame that there's no good picture of your outfit! .__. It looked amazing!)

  3. You all look amazing! I love the picture collage or whatever it is called! Malkhaz could definitely feature on that “my historical boyfriend” meme. And I am pretty sure Fragile is actually elfin! (I mean we know you and I might be changelings too but she definitely has some Tolkien elf heritage!)

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